Personalized Meal Solution Market 2024

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Personalized Meal Solutions

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Personalized Food Companies, Recipe Planning App Developers/Providers, Smart Kitchen Appliance Manufacturers, Food Delivery Service Providers

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As lifestyles diversify, diet, the main component in lifestyle, has become personalized. In association with the advancement of food-tech or smart kitchen, people have started pursuing not only convenience but also optimization of meals according to health and preference of each person. Such an idea is thought to lead to well-being in life.
For example, use of recipe apps for recipe planning saves time and labor for shopping, encourages cooking the healthy meals from ingredients already at home to reduce food loss and reduces disease prevention for the future, reflects the taste favored by those who dine, and can contribute to reduce the social issues of ever-severer long-term care burdens in the super-aging society. Meal personalization through digital transformation may not only reduces food loss but also leads to utilization of under-explored food materials and unused materials, which can expect well-being for global environment.
This report offers the information on the efforts by companies that provide personalized meal solutions or services to support them.


I    Personalized Meal Solution Market Environment

  1. In addition to lifestyle diseases, senescence has ranked high as a death rate.
  2. People certified as long-term care needed and the burden of long-term care expenses have been ever increasing.
  3. Obesity of men in the middle and older age groups and undernutrition are the issues.
  4. Increase in women without any habit of exercising.
  5. Seriously insufficient vegetable intaking by the working generation.
  6. Dining outside or use of prepared meals by the young generation are increasing.
  7. "Improvement of Meal Habits" obtains high interest, but not easy.
  8. Those households that have used or intend to use the services that reduce burdens from wives are increasing.
  9. Usage rate of the internet and social media both exceeded 80%.
  10. The most frequently used internet terminal is smartphone. TV is also increasing.

II    Personalized Meal Solution Market Trends

  • Topic 1: Current positions of 3D food printer & automatic cooking robots
  • Topic 2: Nutritionally complete foods that cater to various needs
  • Topic 3: Facing health issues for women through female care food
  1. Total Personalized Meal Solution Market
  2. Personalized Food Market
  3. Recipe Planning App Market
  4. Smart Kitchen Appliances Market
  5. Food Delivery Service Market (Home Meal Delivery/Meal Ingredient Delivery/Co-Op Delivery, Online Supermarket)

III     Company Profiles

  • Personalized Food Companies (7 companies)
  • Recipe Planning App Developers/Providers (4 companies)
  • Smart Kitchen Appliance Manufacturers (4 companies)
  • Food Delivery Service Providers (6 companies)


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180,000 yen ($1,150.23)
(excluding consumption tax)
360,000 yen ($2,300.47)
(excluding consumption tax)
540,000 yen ($3,450.70)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 156.49 yen , 2024/07/18 Japan)
*Scope of Each License Type