Alcoholic Drinks/Liquor Market 2023

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Alcoholic beverages, liquors

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Manufacturers, wholesalers, and importers

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While the market of liquor and alcoholic drinks have been enormously damaged amid the corona crisis, lift of regulations have restored the human flows, which is about to revive the business market and showing moves quite different from amid the corona crisis.

While in 2023 the market aims to attain a rank high recovery, it faces a turning point in that year due to revision of the liquor tax act. The businesses are groping to tackle from the aspects of product, sales promotions and sales channels, with each of businesses having strategies.

This report analyzes on the market trends by category, corporate strategies by sales channel, and company policies after corona crisis, based on the face-to-face interviews.  


I. Trends in Entire Alcoholic Beverage/Liquor Market

  1. Alcoholic Beverage/Liquor Market Overview
  2. Market Trends
  3. Noteworthy Trends in Alcoholic Beverage/Liquor Market
    1) Trends of "Craft" Products Gaining Attention
    2) Nonalcoholic Beverage Market Trends
    3) Product Development Trends to Acquire New Consumers
    4) AI Applications and Digital Transformation Underway for Product Development and Sales
    5) Expansion in Effective Use of Waste Food through Upcycling
  4. Future Perspectives of Alcoholic Beverage/Liquor Market

II. Market Trends by Item

  1. Trends of Market Players
    1) Transition in Liquor Sales by Manufacturer
    2) Trends of Beer Manufacturers
    3) Trends of Manufacturers Specialized in Making Japanese Sake
    4) Trends of Manufacturers of Shochu, the Japanese Distilled Alcohol Made Most Commonly from Sweet Potatoes or Barley
    5) Trends of Other Leading Companies
  2. Trends by Sales Channel
    1) Market Size by Sales Channel
    2) Sales Channels for Households
    3) Sales Channels of Mail Orders
    4) Commercial Channels
  3. Trends in Liquor Distribution
    1) Trend in Wholesalers
    2) Trend in Liquor Imports
  4. Trends of Liquor Containers

III   Market Trends by Item

  1. Beers (beer, quasi-beer, new-genre drinks)
  2. Japanese Sake, High-Class Shochu, and Second-Class Shochu
  3. Western Liquor (Whiskey and Wine)
  4. RTD(Ready to Drink) Products
    1) Low alcoholic drinks

IV   Trends of Overseas Business Development by Manufacturers

  1. Trends of Overseas Business Development by Japanese Manufacturers
  2. Trends of Liquor Market in Leading Exporting Countries
    1) US
    2) Europe
    3) East Asia
    4) Southeast Asia

V   Changes in Liquor Market before and after COVID-19 Pandemic Viewed from POS Data

  1. Sales Statuses by Area
  2. Sales Statuses by Item
  3. Sales Statuses of Well-Selling Products by 10 Leading Manufacturers by Area
    1) Market Share by Liquor Manufacturer
    2) Sales Statuses of Well-Selling Products by 10 Leading Manufacturers by Area

VI    Trends of Leading Liquor Manufacturers and Wholesalers

  • 23 Liquor Manufacturers
  • 3 Wholesaler/Importers


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* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 158.73 yen , 2024/07/17 Japan)
*Scope of Each License Type