IPS/GIS Business Market 2020

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180,000 yen ($1,641.29)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 109.67 yen , 2021/07/31 Japan)

Coverage: (Product/service)

Indoor Positioning Solution Business, Geographic Information System Business

Research Target:

IPS (Indoor Positioning Solution) providers and GIS (Geographic Information System)providers

Research Content:

  1. Market Analysis of IPS/GIS Business

    1. Market Structure of IPS/GIS 2020
      1. Market Structure Overview
      2. Structural Changes in IPS/GIS Business from 2016 to 2020
    2. Survival of Japanese Enterprises in the Era of GAFA: “Symbiotic Relationship with GAFA”
      1. Advantages of Google’s GIS App
      2. Survival under Influence of GAFA
      3. Advantage of Japan is in Blue Ocean & in the Middle of Blue and Red Ocean
      4. Harsh Competition in Japan in Search Function/Dynamic Analysis
      5. “GAFA vs. Domestic GIS” in IPS/GIS 2020
      6. How to Compete with GAFA
      7. Changes in GAFA to Comply with GDPR
      8. Survival of Japanese Companies in the Era of GAFA
      9. Future of Toyota and Others with OEM for MaaS that Competes with GAFA
    3. Status of Forces Competing Google including Open Street Map
      1. Open Street Map in Japan Started
      2. OSM and Mapbox/Yahoo/Softbank Liaison
      3. Advantages of Google Map: “Newness of Maps” and “Dynamic Map”
      4. TOMTOM as Competitor of Google
      5. Apple as Competitor of Google
    4. Business Trends in Indoor Positioning Solutions (Domestic)
      1. Demand Segments of IPS/GIS Business
      2. Market Size Transition of IPS/GIS Business (By Application Segment, up to 2025)
      3. Map DB
      4. GIS Software
      5. Application Platform
    5. IPS Application Vendors (Trends by Application, Business Trends)
      1. Items of Location-Based Apps/Demand Segments
      2. Transportation-Related
      3. Store-Related
      4. Location-Based Games
      5. IoT (not including Industrial Use)
      6. Delivery/Distribution
      7. Industrial Use
      8. Infrastructural Maintenance (Roads/Rivers/Tunnels/Bridge/Utility Poles)
      9. IPS/GIS Business Market for Providing Countermeasure for Traffic Jam (for Smart City/City Planning)
      10. IPS/GIS Business Market for Disaster Prevention
      11. 4 Kinds of Data in IPS/GIS Business
      12. Data Sales/Trade Market
    6. Platform Business as Total Optimization Business
      1. Platformers are “Total Optimization Business”
      2. From Where to Earn Profit in Platform Business
      3. Data Collection for MaaS Platform
    7. Location-Based Data for COVID-19 Measures
      1. Global Location-Based Data for COVID-19 Measures by Geography
      2. Location-Based Apps for COVID-19 Measures by Each Company
    8. GDPR and Databank System to Compete with GAFA
      1. Google’s Free Maps and Advertising Business
      2. Google’s Move to Restrict Web-Cookies
      3. Trends of EU’s GDPR
      4. Trends in Trust Projects of EU
      5. Countermeasures by GAFA
      6. Trends in Regulations in US/Japan
      7. Toyota Utilizes Settlement Data, IoT Data
      8. Compete with GAFA by National Strategy “Industrial Databank System”
    9. Potential Analysis of Quasi-Zenith Satellite System (QZSS) “Michibiki”
      1. Overview of QZSS
      2. History of QZSS
      3. Components of QZSS (Four-Satellite Constellation)
      4. Orbit of QZSS (Four-Satellite Constellation)
      5. Services of QZSS
      6. How Satellite Positioning Works
      7. GPS Complementary Service (Satellite Positioning Service)
      8. 3 Ways of Enhancing GPS and Terminals
      9. Messaging Service (Disaster/Risk Management and Warning Service)
      10. Messaging Service (Safety Confirmation Service)
      11. Trends in Commercial Products Supporting Michibiki
      12. Utilization Scenes of QZSS Michibiki
    10. Autonomous Driving and HD-MAP
      1. Current Situation of Domestic HD-MAP Market
      2. Future of Domestic HD-MAP Market
      3. Global Trends in HD-MAP Related Companies
      4. Case Studies Overseas
    11. Future of Maps
  2. Profiles of Leading IPS/GIS Business Operators (23 Companies)

  3. List of IPS/GIS Business Operators (213 Companies)


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180,000 yen ($1,641.29)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 109.67 yen , 2021/07/31 Japan)