Self-Managed Healthcare and Fitness Equipment Market 2019

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Self-Managed Healthcare and Fitness Equipment

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Manufacturers, importers and distributors

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I   Market Overview and Topics in Self-Managed Healthcare Equipment Market

1. From Treatment to Prevention
1. Health and self-management
2. "ICT", "PHR", "Health Management Services"
3. "Continua" and "Preventive Medicine"
4. Wellness management and awareness of prevention
2. Self-Managed Healthcare Behavior and Behavioral Economics
1. Self-managed healthcare does not last
2. Reasons why they don’ t last – from Behavioral Economics Perspective
3. Method to Promote Self-Managed Healthcare: “Nudge Theory” 
4. (Appendix) Observation from the Contracted Survey for METI
3. Topics of Self-Managed Healthcare Equipment
1. Wearable Healthcare Devices
2. Care for “Locomotive Syndrome”
3. Mandatory “Stress Check”
4. Municipal Self-Managed Healthcare Programs
5. “Health” and “Sleep”
6. Age of The 100-Year Life and Self-Managed Healthcare
4. Trends in New Market and Related Products
1.  Pulse Oxymeter
2.  Blood Glucose Meter (non-invasive/low-invasive)
3.  Blood Lipid Meter
4.  Heartbeat/Pulse Meter
5.  Brain Meter
6.  Home Electronic Massagers

II   Market Status by Category

A. Health Management Equipment
1. Electronic sphygmomanometers
2. Electrocardiographs/Heart beat meters
3. Electronic thermometers
4. Body composition scales
5. Pedometers/Physical activity meters
B. Home Fitness Equipment
1. Overview
2. Market size and Future Perspectives
C. Health Recovery Equipment
1. Massage chairs
2. Foot massagers
3. Handy massagers
4. Face care equipment
D. Health Treatment Equipment 
1. Static electricity therapy equipment
2. Low frequency electric therapy equipment
3. Inhalers

III   Detailed Company Profiles

16 enterprises

IV   Brief Company Profiles

14 enterprises

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125,000 yen ($1,122.69)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 111.34 yen , 2020/02/20 Japan)