BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Market for Local Governments 2019

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BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Services for Local Governments

Research Target:

BPO service providers for local governments and some local governments that adopted BPO services

Research Content:

I   Outlook of BPO Market for Local Governments

  1. What is BPO Market for Local Governments?
  2. Background of Wide Acceptance of BPO Services for Local Governments
  3. Factors of Why BPO Services for Local Governments have Widely Accepted
  4. Aspects that Local Government Place Importance When Adopting BPO Services
  1. Improvement in service quality
  2. Coping with short-term tasks
  3. Making available for some tasks that require special knowledge
  4. Integration of tasks
  5. Continuity of tasks
  1. Challenges and Solutions of BPO services for Local Governments
  1. Lack of human resources
  2. Reduction of budgets in local governments
  3. Measures against work contact fraud
  4. Unexpectedly heavy workloads more than imagined
  5. The players are always the same member
  6. Difficult to adopt the business at small municipalities
  1. Future Directions at BPO Service Providers for Local Governments
  2. Feature: Future Perspectives of Concession Contract for Waterworks Business

II   Market Size and Future Forecasts

  1. Forecast of BPO Market Size for Local Governments as a Whole
  2. Market Size Forecast regarding Office Work Services
  3. Market Size Forecast regarding Facility Operation Services
  4. Market Size Forecast regarding Social Infrastructure Buseiness Services

III    Questionnaire to Local Governments

  1. Outline of Questionnaire
  2. Attribute of Objects
  3. Tasks currently outsourcing
  4. Tasks considering outsourcing
  5. Tasks that want to outsource more in volume
  6. Effects expected from outsourcing
  7. Criteria for selecting outsourcing companies
  8. Anxiety of adopting outsourcing

IV    Detailed Company Profiles of BPO Providers for Local Governments

11 enterprises

V Brief Company Profiles of Other BPO Providers for Local Governments

74 enterprises

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180,000 yen ($1,616.67)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 111.34 yen , 2020/02/20 Japan)