Doctor-Developed Skincare Product Market in Japan: Key Research Findings 2024

Doctor-Developed Skincare Product Market on Expansion, due to Recovery of Sales Performances at Major Market Players that Had Driven the Market and Increased Demand for Sensitive Skin Products

Yano Research Institute (the President, Takashi Mizukoshi) has carried out a survey on the domestic doctor-developed skincare product market and found out the market trend, the trend by market players, and the future perspectives.

Doctor-Developed Skincare Product Market Size Transition and Forecast
Doctor-Developed Skincare Product Market Size Transition and Forecast

Market Overview

The doctor-developed skincare product market size, based on the shipment value at brand manufacturers, has risen to 121,200 million yen for FY2022, 111.8% of the size of the previous fiscal year. The market size had diminished in FY2020 from FY2019, before COVID-19 crisis, mainly because of sales shrinkage by major market players that had driven the market. However, the market has been on expansion because of recovery of sales performances at major market players, increase in demand for skincare products geared to sensitive skins with evidence against skin problems that emerged in the pandemic situations, and favorable sales of cosmetics sold/distributed by the doctor channel due to increased demand for aesthetic medicine mainly by women.

Noteworthy Topics

Increased Introduction of Doctor-Developed Skincare Products from Suth Korea

Cosmetics and skincare products from South Korea, the beauty power, have been thriving in Japan. This trend is also true for doctor-developed skincare products, shown by increased introduction of South Korean brands in the Japanese market. For Japanese consumers who have been interested in South Korean skincare products through social media since before the official introduction, they have already obtained and used the products via purchasing the parallel imports, shopping when traveled South Korea before the pandemic, or shopping online at those ecommerce shops that deal in many South Korean skincare products. Therefore, introduction by Japanese companies is expected to expand the sales channels, which leads to sales increase. The prosperity of South Korean skincare is likely to continue in Japan. Many of South Korean skincare items appeal the functionality at affordable prices, in addition to product releases associated with newsworthy topics such as the use of design-conscious packages, which is projected to increase the presence that matches the doctor’s cosmetics brands from Japan or from Europe.

Future Outlook

The doctor-developed skincare product market size by shipment value at manufacturers for FY2023 is projected to rise to 130,800 million yen, 107.9% of the size of the previous fiscal year.
Because of established proactive investment in skincare products against skin problems caused by wearing face masks, and because of many people worrying about various skin problems, demand for doctor-developed skincare items is likely to increase, with new brand entries being observed to expand. In addition, there have been many advantages observed among consumers regarding the market, such as improvement in skincare consciousness and ingredient-conscious product choices. Therefore, continuous growth is anticipated for the market.

Research Outline

1.Research Period: November 2023 to January 2024
2.Research Object: Cosmetics brand manufacturers, cosmetics material manufacturers, distributors, related business organizations, etc.
3.Research Methogology: Face-to-face interviews (online included) by specialized researchers, interviews via telephone, mailed questionnaire, and literature research

The Doctor-Developed Skincare Product Market

Doctor-developed skincare products in this research refers to the skincare products by the manufacturers with physician’s participation in R&D, or the skincare products sold/recommended at the medical facilities such as dermatologists, orthopedics, and plastic surgeries. In all cases, quasi-drugs are included.

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Skincare, make-up, haircare, and other products from doctor-developed skincare product brands

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