Storage Service (Rental & Container) Market in Japan: Key Research Findings 2023

Estimated Domestic Storage Service Market Size (Total of Rental and Container Storage Services) for FY2023 Rose by 3.6% to 82,580 Million Yen

Yano Research Institute (the President, Takashi Mizukoshi) carried out a survey on the domestic market of storage services (rental and container storage services), and found out the current statuses for each service category, and future perspectives.

Domestic Storage Service Market Size Transitions (Rental and Container Storage Services)
Domestic Storage Service Market Size Transitions (Rental and Container Storage Services)

Market Overview

The domestic storage services market (total of rental and container storage services) for FY2022 is projected to increase by 4.1% on a YoY to 79,700 million yen. The development of new locations by storage service providers continues to show a net increase, although the pace of expansion has slowed. Proactive new store rollout has been observed mainly by major businesses, which is expected to continue expanding the number of locations.

Noteworthy Topics

Increased Demand for Storage Services amid Corona Crisis

When compared to the last research (January to March 2021), as the economic and social activities were restricted amid the corona crisis, various industries and markets were affected negatively, but the storage business market was not much inflicted significantly. In association with the workstyle changes such as through remote working and working at home, people stayed longer hours at home and less spaces were needed at office floors due to decrease in the number of workers who commuted. This has generated the storage service demand both by individuals and companies, and increased the operation rates of existing storage spaces at storage service providers.

In such a situation, storage service providers are focusing on offering clearer information on the characteristics of their storage services, on vacant spaces, and pricing systems. This is primarily because of acquiring more users who collect information by themselves to voluntarily explore the storage services that they can use. Such an attempt by the businesses is expected to improve the awareness of the services and contribute in further increase in the number of users.

Future Outlook

The domestic storage market (total of rental and container storage services) for FY2023 is projected to generate 82,580 million yen, up by 3.6% from the previous fiscal year. It is because of the acceleration in the development of new locations mainly by major businesses is expected, which is likely to continue expanding the number of locations as well as storage spaces (rooms).

The pace of supplying new spaces for rental and container storages has been restrained due to soaring real estate and container prices, but the storage service operation rates at each provider has been on the rise even during these times, making overall storage services to be in short supply in terms of the number of locations and storage spaces (rooms). By developing new locations and acquiring the potential demand that is not yet obtained, the market is expected to expand furthermore.

Research Outline

1.Research Period: January to March 2023
2.Research Object: Leading companies and organizations developing storage services
3.Research Methogology: Face-to-face interviews (including online) by specialized researchers, surveys via telephone, questionnaire, and literature research

The Storage Service Market (Rental Storage and Container Storage

The storage services in this research refer to the business that a user pays for storing his/her private belongings (basically those without any purpose to sell) at a place other than office or home. The business in this research is categorized into the following two services: 1) Rental storage services and 2) Container storage services.

1) Rental storage services are those services operated mainly by real estate agencies to lend indoor rooms and spaces, that sometimes are within a storage-only building, where individuals or corporate bodies can store things. Safe-deposit boxes operated by banks and luggage lockers located at railway stations and terminals are not included.
2) Container storage services are similar to rental storage services, but their rooms and spaces provided are not indoors of a building, but within outdoor containers or those storage places made of steel.

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Rental storage spaces, container storages, etc.

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