X Business Fair 2024

What is X Business Fair 2024?

“X Business Fair 2024” is an opportunity for business creation organized by Yano Research Institute Ltd. (YANO), a leading market research firm in Japan.

Companies with unique technologies, services, and business models, and those in charge of new business development at large companies as well as marketers and investors will get together at “X Business Fair 2024,” where a number of new business opportunities will be created!


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    1. The first business fair in Japan focusing on the “borderless” world

This fair does not focus on a specific industrial area or technology but on themes beyond categories or boundaries of industries or business domains, highlighting “edgy,” “innovative,” and “unconventional” businesses.

At this expo, such recently much-talked-about concepts as “genderless” society, “ageless” society, Web3.0, Society5.0, night-time economy, Biz Culture, and omnichannel marketing as well as shifts between BtoB and BtoC, those between real and virtual worlds, and those between leisure and business are all regarded as respectable “industries.”


    2. BtoB event with full of entertainment

Though this event is a typical BtoB-type industrial exhibition for companies and business persons to meet together and create business opportunities, it also offers various entertaining elements to liven up the participants.

Companies that do not participate in most other industrial exhibitions, such as those operating professional wrestling business, Oogiri1 business, etc., are more than welcome to participate in this event.

*1: Oogiri is a quiz-like (TV) comedy segment in which participants improvise one-liners based on a given theme.

(Reference: JapanDict.Com (https://www.japandict.com/%E5%A4%A7%E5%96%9C%E5%88%A9))


    3. Support by Yano Research Institute Ltd. (YANO)

We, YANO, will provide not only market “data” but also different “values” including networking opportunities, business ideas, and business-matching opportunities to support the participants.

YANO’s network involving 60,000 member companies will greatly contribute to the businesses of participants.


<Three Major Themes of X Business Fair 2024>

  • “Ageless” Business

Exhibitions and presentations of technologies, services, products, and businesses with the theme of “age” or “ageless”

  • “Genderless” Business

Exhibitions and presentations of technologies, services, products, and businesses with the theme of “gender” or “genderless”

  • Biz Culture

Exhibitions and presentations of businesses that are too new, too edgy, or too hot, which have never appeared in other business exhibitions


Event Outline

Event Title: X Business Fair 2024

Organizer: Yano Research Institute Ltd.

Supporter: K.K. Kyodo News

Date and Time: 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m., Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Place: Akiba_Square, Akihabara Urban Development X (UDX)

The Number of Expected Participants: 1,500


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