The Online Seminar Co-Organized by Yano Research Institute and Woman’s: What is the New Standard in the Women’s Healthcare Industry “Gendered Innovation”? – Discussion with FemTech Market Researchers

Yano Research Institute Ltd., an independent marketing research company, and Woman’s (Kabushiki Kaisha Double Collection), an industry trend and consumer analysis company specializing in the women’s market, will co-host the online1 seminar.

Following FemTech, the word “gendered innovation” has recently started to be heard frequently. While this perspective is highly sought after in all industries, the healthcare industry, in particular, which inherently requires gender gap analysis, is expected to be a market driver. The healthcare industry is said to be prone to inspire the gendered innovation, as it has established a major “FemTech” trend that focuses on women-specific health issues. Yano, which published a FemTech market report (Female Care and FemTech Market (Consumer Goods & Services) 2021) in September 2021, and Woman’s, specializing in the women’s healthcare market, will discuss about “gendered innovation” from practical perspectives such as “What is gendered innovation?” and “What are some examples?, which can be applied to the development and marketing of women’s healthcare.

1: This seminar will be held through Zoom. Viewing URL will be sent to your email address you entered at the time of application.


[Overview of the Seminar]

What is “gendered innovation?” What steps should be taken to develop women’s healthcare solutions based on the concept of gendered innovation? What kinds of opportunities we can see in the Japanese market? Yano Research Institute, which compiled the FemTech market report, and Woman’s will explore the answers to these questions together.


[Program Schedule]

1. Opening Remarks

2. Speech 1: “What is Gendered Innovation?”

Speaker: A representative of Woman’s

3. Speech 2: “How Do People See the New Global Trend of “Gendered Innovation”?”

Speaker: Takashi Mizukoshi, the President, Yano Research Institute, Ltd.

4. Lectures

4-1. “The Current Status of Gendered Innovation in the Women’s Healthcare Market Revealed by the FemTech Market Research”

4-2. “Case Studies of Gendered Innovation in Japan”

Lecturers: Researchers from Yano Research Institute, Ltd.

5. Q&A

6. Closing Remarks


[Date and Time]

The 1st Seminar: 1:00 p.m. – 2:10 p.m., Tuesday, September 13, 2022

The 2nd Seminar: October 2022 (Tentative)

The 3rd Seminar: November 2022 (Tentative)

*The same program as that presented above will be offered for all three sessions.





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Takashi, Mizukoshi, the President, Yano Research Institute, Ltd.


Yuki Shimizu, General Manager and Chief Researcher, Branding & Business Innovation, Consumer Marketing, Yano Research Institute, Ltd.


Yuki Shimizu joined Yano in 2001, and is currently in charge of marketing in the fashion-related consumer goods sector, mainly focusing on the jewelry, apparel, and gift products, as well as on the market of commercial complexes. She has extensive experience in researching store opening strategies for overseas brands, researching the ability of specific facilities to attract customers, and supporting the entry of domestic brands into the Chinese market. In 2021, she oversaw the research for publication of our self-sponsored market report, “Female Care and FemTech Market (Consumer Goods & Services) 2021.”


Hatsumi Yano, Senior Researcher, Branding & Business Innovation, Consumer Marketing, Yano Research Institute, Ltd.


Hatsumi Yano joined our company in 2008, and is currently in charge of cloud services related to human resources (HR) and female care & FemTech research. She is also involved in support businesses for new business development of private companies and in university career center support projects.


[Organizer and Planner]

Organizer: Yano Research Institute Ltd.

<Company Profile>

Founded in 1958, Yano Research Institute is an independent marketing research organization. The company publishes market reports on more than 250 topics per year covering all industry sectors, and is commissioned to conduct more than 600 contract research and consulting projects.


Planner: Woman’s (Kabushiki Kaisha Double Collection)

<Company Profile>

Woman’s supports companies in the women’s healthcare market with its strengths in “consumer analysis, industry trend analysis, and corporate networks” specializing in the women's healthcare market. The company’s basic business is research and analysis of women-specific behavior, consumption, and needs based on the concept of gendered innovation.



E-mail: branding@yano.co.jp

Branding & Business Innovation, Consumer Marketing, Yano Research Institute Ltd.