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Market Reports

How can I search for a report I am looking for?

What can I do when I can not find a suitable report?

  • Besides readily available market reports, YANO can provide you with an ad hoc research which will be custom designed to meet your specific requirements. Feel free to Contact Us for research design consulting. A proposal for a custom design research will be prepared and submitted to you, free of charge.


How to order market reports

Do I need to become a resistered member to purchase a report?

  • No, you don't have to. You can purchase a report without becoming a menber. By registering your profile with YANO, however, you can enjoy additional benefits, such as simplified report purchasing process, access to your past purchase records, or distribution of up-to-date information from YANO if you request so. .

What kind of payment method can I use?

  • You can pay by your credit card or by remittance.

How many days will it take to deliver a report to my place?

  • It takes about 2 business days to dispatch a report from our stock. In case the stock is exhausted, another 2 business days will be required. In normal condition, the report will be delivered to you within 2 to 4 days after leaving our office, although it may vary depending on various factors, such as the country of distination, etc.

Do I need to pay delivery charge for the report I order?

  • Yes, you need to pay delivery charge for the report you order for overseas delivery, outside of Japan.
    Overseas delivery charge:
    Basic delivery charge for first one report: 4,000 yen per shipment
    For additional reports to be shipped together: 1,000 yen per report
    (Domestic delivery within Japan is provided free of charge.)

Can I cancel my order?

  • You can not cancel your order if your order has already been dispatched from YANO.

Can I return the report for replacement or refund?

  • No refund or replacement is available except for a book with missing pages or disorderly binding, which will be replaced with a new book.

When do I need to pay Japanese consumption tax?

  • Japanese consumption tax (5% of sales price) is imposed if your order is delivered to an address in Japan.
    Regardless of whether you are living (your firm is located) in or outside of Japan, Japanese consumption tax is imposed if your order is delivered to an address in Japan, and will not be imposed if delivered to overseas address.


Membership and My Page

What are the benefits of member registration?

  • You can enjoy various benefits and advantages by having registered your profile with YANO, such as;
    1. You can simplify the purchasing procedures, as your registered information will be entered automatically.
    2. Your purchase records will be kept for your reference.
    3. You will be receiving up-to-date market information from YANO, if you so instruct.
    4. You can send your inquiry easy and quick, as your contact information is entered automatically.

    New services will be developed and provided from time to time to serve you better.

What can I do in MyPage?

  • Functions you can use in MyPage include editin of your registered profile, cancellation of your registration and review of your past purchase records YANO.


Technical, Security

What computer system and software do I need to use your service?

  • YANO Research has been tested for following web browsers recommended:
    Internet Explorer 5.5, Internet Explorer 6 for Windows
    Firefox 2.0 for Windows and MacOSX
    or their newer versions.

    Recommended viewing resolution: 1024x768 XGA

Do you support SSL?

  • Yes, YANO Research uses an SSL certificate issued by Verisign for encrypting your transactions with YANO. All the information you enter in the forms provided in this web site for communication with YANO will be encrypted for optimum security.

Do you use Javascript?

  • Yes, YANO Research uses JavaScript for certain parts of its service. Certain service cannot be used when the JavaScript is not effective. You can make the JavaScript active at the Internet Option or Setting menus of a browser.

Do you collect information on the visitors of YANO Research?

  • YANO Research collects information on our site visitors collectively including which sections of the site are most frequently visited, how often and for how long.
    This data is always used as aggregated, non-personal information.
    This is done for the purposes of providing you with the best services.

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