One of our outstanding strength is the ability and expertise in primary field researches that have been continuously reinforced over many years. More than 150 specialized and expert researchers are on the road, interviewing and discussing with key personnel in their fields of expertise covering virtually every segment of Japanese business world.

Making full use of the information obtained directly from each key player in respective industry as well as that obtained through various other ways including consumer survey, desktop researches, etc., YANO gives back to the business society and contributes to our clients' success in the form of following products and services.

Market Reports

Market reports are the up-to-date research studies covering a wide range of business subjects surveyed and analyzed both comprehensively and in details by YANO's researchers specialized in each industry. Market reports covers market size, market share, market structure, details of major players, and the market trends and forecast of the subject in question. Annually around 250 titles of market reports and 2,000 segments of market data are provided. Most reports are written in Japanese.

Custom Research ( Industrial & Consumer )

In addition to our off-the-shelf industry market research reports, Custom Research will provide you deeper insights into the markets and products of your concern.
Custom Research at YANO is designed and conducted by the expert researchers and consultants on demand according to the clients' needs and objectives. Consequently, the results of the researches are almost always quite valuable as no one else has ever researched exactly the same subjects before and it will provide you with more accurate, thorough and unbiased assessment of the industry, the market and the product.

Business Consulting

At YANO, every consulting activity is based on actual data taken directly from the market. Rather than theoretical "should have"s or "would have"s, our actions are based on practical insights of industry experts. Complete and comprehensive business solutions assessed by YANO, including market entry strategy, new business development, competitive analysis, sales and channel management, etc., are provided for you to take a big step forward with higher confidence.

Periodicals ( Japanese )

The following periodicals written in Japanese are published on a monthly and bi-monthly basis in order to provide up-to-date business information on various aspects. They contain intelligence on their respective markets.

Yano News ( Monthly )

Yano News (Monthly)
Focuses on apparel and fashion industries, identifying the issues of production, distribution and consumption levels of the market.

Yano Report ( Semimonthly )

Yano Report
Publishes research results in the home construction, building materials, paper pulp, electronics and chemical industries.

Yano E plus ( Monthly )

Yano E plus
Reports on critical market trends in information technology, electronics, chemicals, electronics and other materials, and machinery industries.

Japan Precious ( Quarterly )

Japan Precious
Offers selected information on the global jewelry market.


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YDB ( Yano Data Bank )

Bank (YDB) is a members-only business library where members have access to our products primarily consisting of YANO's own market reports published over the last half a century, as well as other resources such as government economic statistics, business journals, industry magazines etc.

Yano Data Bank also offers photocopying and e-library services, where members can access these reports by section, or from the comfort of their own offices/homes.

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