Ready-to-Eat Food & Cooked Rice Market 2024

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Ready-to-Eat foods, prepared foods, cooked rice,

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Ready-to-eat food companies, Convenience Stores, Retailers & Mass Merchandisers, Department Stores, Prepared Dishes/Prepared Food Specialty Stores, and Drugstores

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Population in Japan is waning since peaked at 128,080 thousand in 2008. Because the country is aging, amount of food per person is also decreasing. In such a situation that cannot be a good market environment, the market of ready-to-eat food or prepared food continues growing.
The growth seems to be because of pervasive use by consumers. Ready-to-eat food is now a part of people's life. For instance, a bento at a convenience store functions as a whole lunch for a person. Daily delivered deli works as one of dinner dishes. Prepared food, therefore, can both work as a lunch that allows an individual to eat easily and to be quickly ready for the next move after lunch, and as a dinner meal that is delicious and that satisfies individual taste.
Value-added meals are being enhanced by a detailed lineup of products to meet the needs and preferences of various consumers. This report aims to clarify the current situation and direction of the ready-to-eat or prepared foods and cooked rice market, and to serve as a reference for various industries involved in such food business.


I   Topics for Ready-to-Eat Food & Cooked Rice Market

  1. Social Background
    1) Waning working (productive) age population
    2) Changes in population pyramids
  2. Ready-to-Eat Food & Cooked Rice Occupied in Annual
    Consumer Spending
    1) Transition in annual spending for food
    2) Changes in lifestyle
  3. Spending Trends by Age Group
    1) Cooked food (deli, ready-to-eat food)
    2) Cooked staple food (Bento, Sushi, Onigiri, Savory
    3) Deli/Ready-to-eat food (frozen cooked food, salad,
        Hamburg steak, etc.)

II   Trends of Noteworthy Industries

  1. Environmentally Friendly Food Containers: Interest in environmental friendliness has become higher among the young generation
  2. Food Appealing over Health: Expansion of nutritious foods
  3. Deli (Ready-to-Eat food) Subscription Services: Expanded among families with small children
  4. Technologies to freeze food
  5. Trend of Innovative Robotic R&D Infrastructure Business
  6. Cooking Appliance, Robots for Food Arrangement on Dishes
  7. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System
  8. Process Improvement Tools (Digitalized Reporting)

III    Analysis and Perspectives of Ready-to-Eat Food & Cooked Rice Market

  1. Market Size Transitions
  2. Percentage of Market Constituents
  3. Analysis of Factors for or that Prevents Market Expansion
  4. Market Outlook for 2030
  5. Market Trend Analysis by Product
    1) Daily Delivered Ready-to-Eat Food and Cooked Rice
    2) Processed Ready-to-Eat food and Cooked Rice
  6. End Market Trend Analysis
    1) Convenience stores
    2) Retailers/Mass merchandisers
    3) Department stores
    4) Deli specialty shops
    5) Drugstore
    6) Food service or Restaurant chains, Fast food chains
    7) Food trucks

IV    Business Strategy Analysis of Leading Companies

  1. Business Development
  2. Nationwide/Regional Development
  3. Main Concept Designed, and Mainstay Products
  4. New Product Development Trends
  5. Production Trends, Safety & Sanitation Measures
  6. Raw Material Procurement Status
  7. Logistics
  8. Sales Channel Trends
  9. Challenges in Business Development
  10. Future Business Strategy

V    Questionnaire Results

VI   Company Profiles

  • Noteworthy Companies: 21 enterprises
  • Ready-to-Eat Food/Deli Companies: 4 enterprises
  • Questionnaire Respondents: 30 enterprises

VII     Sales Ranking among Ready-to-Eat Food/Deli Companies


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200,000 yen ($1,278.04)
(excluding consumption tax)
400,000 yen ($2,556.07)
(excluding consumption tax)
600,000 yen ($3,834.11)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 156.49 yen , 2024/07/18 Japan)
*Scope of Each License Type