Recycled Carbon Fiber Market 2023

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Carbon Fiber Recyling, Recycled Carbon Fiber

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CF manufacturer, carbon fiber recyclers, makers of raw materials/carbon fiber intermediates/finished products

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CFRP (Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymers) is used in various applications such as automobiles, aircraft, sporting goods, construction, energy, and electronics. However, because it is a composite material, it is difficult to recycle, and therefore most of it, both used products (waste) and CFRP scraps generated in the manufacturing process, have been repurposed by thermal recovery or ending up in landfill. However, addressing carbon-neutral and circular economy become pressing issue across industries. Realization of CFRP recycling has increased significance for all stakeholders in CF and CFRP manufacturing, including manufacturers of raw materials, carbon fiber intermediates, finished products, and user companies.

The main method for reclaiming carbon fiber from CFRP has been pyrolysis, in which the matrix resin is decomposed at high temperature. Nevertheless, chemical decomposition is also gaining prominence in recent years, as it excels pyrolysis in producing rCF in higher purity. In addition, the production volume of rCF, which has been only a fraction, is increasing as recyclers start to invest more. Meanwhile, adoption of conventional pyrolysis is also expected to expand in Japan, as seen in the operation starts of mass-production-level facilities.

Based on the interviews to companies and research institutes in the rCF market, this market report explains the market trends, the technology trends, and the trends of market players to explicate the environment surrounding the recycled carbon fiber market and future prospects.


I   Perspectives of Recycled Carbon Fiber Market

  • Alliance of Japanese manufacturers for application development of rCF in pursuit of “environmental value”! 
  • Despite technological advancements in CFRP recycling, increasing production volume of rCF is still a challenge
  • International standardization of rCF in progress by joint efforts of industry, government, and academia/ Japan takes initiative in ISO working group 
  • Establishment of network covering all phases (materials, intermediates, and molding) is an outstanding issue
  • Recycling of used products is challenging due to complexity of designating disposal sites
  • Urgent need to establish supply chain to achieve “zero distance” recycling 
  • Staple fiber is more than downcycling! Development of new “ecological” applications awaited

II   Trends of Recycled Carbon Fiber Market

1. Trends of CFRP Recycling 
(1) Transition of volume of waste CFRP 
(2) Transition of volume of waste CFRP and production volume of rCF
(3) Treatment of used CFRP (waste materials)
2. Trends of Leading Domestic CFRP Recyclers
3. Current Status of rCF utilization
4. Overseas Trends
(1) Europe
(2) The U.S.
(3) China
(4) Other Countries

III   Trends of Recycling Technology

1. CF recycling technologies
(1) Thermal Recycling (Pyrolysis)
(2) Chemical Decomposition 
(3) Other Methods

IV   Trends of Recycled Carbon Fiber Manufacturers

15 companies including Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials and Carbon Conversions


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180,000 yen ($1,150.23)
(excluding consumption tax)
360,000 yen ($2,300.47)
(excluding consumption tax)
540,000 yen ($3,450.70)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 156.49 yen , 2024/07/18 Japan)
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