Forecast for 2030 on 5G-6G Domestic Mobile Communication Market 2023

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5G-6G Domestic Mobile Communication

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5G-6G Mobile Communication Businesses

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In April 2020, the commercial service for the 5th generation mobile network (5G) started. Because of the characteristics of high speed and capacity, low latency, multiple connection availability, the service was highly expected in the future mobile market. With growing consciousness toward Internet of Things (IoT), introduction of the service was expected to be observed in many industries. In fact, however, the service remained as mere extension of 4G services. Nevertheless, as the construction of standalone network has been in progress, 5G services without being affected by existing network has begun, at last. This report, while focusing on the moves after construction of the standalone network, observes the trend of 5GAdvanced (5.5G) targeting the deployment after 2026. It also contains the precedents overseas where standalone networks have already been built, and gives perspectives on the domestic mobile communication market after 2025. 


I  Domestic Mobile Communications Service Subscription Trends

  1. Trend of Numbers of Subscribers of Domestic Mobile Communication Services
    1) Number of mobile communication service subscriptions
    2) Number of sub-brand subscriptions
    3) Number of subscriptions to new rate plan (online-dedicated)
    4) Projections for 2030
  2. MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) Market Trends
    1) MVNO market trends
    2) Number of MVNO service subscriptions
    3) Projections for 2030

II   Domestic Terminal Shipment Trends

  1. Shipment Volume of Mobile Communication Terminals in 2022
  2. Projections for Shipment Volume of Mobile Communication Terminals for FY2023
  3. Shipment Volume by Manufacturer
  4. Number Procured by Telecommunication Business
    - NTT Docomo
    - KDDI
    - SoftBank
    - Rakuten Mobile
  5. Shipment Volume of Smartphones
  6. Shipment Volume of SIM-Free Smartphones
  7. Shipment Volume of Tablets with Sim Card Slot
  8. Shipment Volume of Mobile Data Communication Terminals
  9. Shipment Volume of Wearable Devices (Smartwatches)
  10. Secondhand Smartphone Market
  11. Projections for 2030 on Domestic Mobile Terminal Market

III   5G & 6G Market Trends

  1. Fifth Generation Mobile Phone Service Outline
  2. Efforts on 5G Evolution and 5GAdvanced
  3. Efforts on Beyond5G
  4. Research and Development Project of the Enhanced Infrastructures for Post-5G Information and Communication Systems/Post 5G Communication System Development
  5. Domestic 5G Base Stations Deployment Trends
  6. Domestic Number of 5G Subscriptions
    1) Domestic Number of 5G Subscriptions
    2) NTT Docomo
    3) KDDI
    4) Softbank
    5) Rakuten Mobile
    6) Projections for 2030
  7. Local 5G
  8. 5G Chipset Development Trend
    1) 5G-support Chipset (SoC: SystemonChip) Development Trend
    2) Qualcomm
    3) MediaTek
    4) SAMSUNG
    5) Apple
    6) Others
    7) Projections for 2030

IV   Major Market Trends for Mobile Communication Services

  1. Mobile Phone Distribution Business
  2. Warranty Service Market


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250,000 yen ($1,583.78)
(excluding consumption tax)
500,000 yen ($3,167.56)
(excluding consumption tax)
750,000 yen ($4,751.35)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 157.85 yen , 2024/07/14 Japan)
*Scope of Each License Type