Veterinary and Pet Hospitals 2023

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400,000 yen ($2,550.86)
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1,200,000 yen ($7,652.57)
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Veterinary and Pet Hospitals

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Veterinary and Pet Hospitals

Research Content:

Against a backdrop of progressive falling birth rate and aging population, the status of keeping pets is amid the great change, as the number of dogs has downturned from conventionally an increasing tendency. While the impact of COVID-19 pandemic to rearing environment still lingers, this report analyzes the status of and gives the perspectives on veterinary and pet hospitals. Hope it contributes to planning the business strategy for the veterinary medicine market.


I   Business Environment Surrounding Veterinary Hospitals and Operational Directions

  1. Trend in Number of Veterinary Hospitals
  2. Trend in Number of Veterinarians
  3. Trend in Number of Dogs and Cats
  4. Operational Directions
  • Trend of increase and decrease in number of dogs and cats at clinical site
  • Business structure and perspectives
  • Management challenges
  • Marketing
  • Demand for medicine
  • Demand for medical equipment and systems
  • Demand for therapeutic food
  • Demand for services

II   Analysis

Response Attributes:

  1. Veterinary Clinic Status
    1) Number of animals per day seen in veterinary hospitals
    2) Ratio of animals by species seen in veterinary hospitals
    3) Increase/Decrease trend of animals seen in veterinary hospitals
  2. Use of Medicines at Veterinary Hospitals
    1) Percentage of drugs used
    2) Drugs that are frequently used at veterinary hospitals
    3) Drugs that are to be significant in treatment of animals for future
  3. Status and Outlook on Appliances and Equipment at Veterinary Hospitals
    1) Kinds of appliances and equipment currently installed or those in use
    2) Kinds of appliances and equipment wanting to or scheduled to introduce
    3) Electronic medical record and its management system
    4) Kinds of apparatuses that may be vital in the future
  4. Status and Needs of Clinical Inspections
    1) Status and demand for clinical inspections
    2) Image diagnosis
  5. Therapeutic Diet at Veterinary Hospitals
    1) Medical food brands currently using, or currently stopped using
    2) Disease that therapeutic diet shows specifically effective
    3) Interest in the use of therapeutic diet
    4) Trend of demand for therapeutic diet
    5) Views on therapeutic diet
  6. Evaluation and Direction on Pet Insurance at Veterinary Hospitals
    1) Rate of pet insurance used
    2) Pet insurance available
    3) Overall evaluations of pet insurance
    4) Direction of dealing pet insurance
  7. Business Direction of Veterinary Hospitals
    1) Influence of COVID-19 to veterinary hospitals
    2) Sales structure and growth outlook for veterinary hospitals
    3) Measures against intensive and/or increasing patients
    4) Management challenges
    5) Transfer of business
  8. Thoughts on Treatment/Medical Care for Animals, and on Veterinary Hospital Business

III  Questionnaire Data


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400,000 yen ($2,550.86)
(excluding consumption tax)
800,000 yen ($5,101.72)
(excluding consumption tax)
1,200,000 yen ($7,652.57)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 156.81 yen , 2024/07/23 Japan)
*Scope of Each License Type