Virtual Car Key & eCall Market 2023-2024

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Global , North America , Europe , Japan , United States , China


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Virtual Car Key, eCall

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Automakers, smartphone makers, smartwatch makers

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Since Apple introduced Ultra-Wideband (UWB) chip on iPhones, and Car Connectivity Consortium’s (CCC) Digital Key release 3.0 specification became available in July 2021, the number of automobiles equipped with virtual car key system is increasing rapidly.

Today, Android phone like high-end Samsung Galaxy also features UWB technology. Moreover, there is another trend of using smartphone as eCall device. On Android devices, eCall button appears at the bottom of the lock screen (PIN entry screen). On iPhones and Apple Watches, crash detection works with dedicated sensors, and some Apple Watches also have fall detection to connect to emergency services if needed.

Development of UWB technology has advanced telematics, from a driving app (like Android Auto and CarPlay that mirrors navigation, maps, hands-free calls, and music) to security and MaaS apps.

The market environment has changed significantly from the last survey conducted in 2019. While most passenger cars and vans have been equipped with eCall, it is interesting to see  the rise in use of smartphones and wearable devices as eCall devices. This research report observes transformation of the market and examines potential business opportunities for the future.


Chapter 1: Automotive, Mobile Phone, & Smartwatch Market

1. Automotive Market
1.1 Global Vehicle Sales (Units) 
1.2 Vehicle Sales by Automaker (Group) (Units)
1.3 Electric Vehicle Sales (Units)
1.4 Vehicle Sales in Japan (Units)
1.4.1 Passenger cars and commercial vehicles
1.4.2 Light vehicles
1.4.3 Imported vehicles
1.5 Vehicle Sales in China (Units)
1.6 Vehicle Sales in EU (Units)
1.7 Vehicle Sales in the US (Units)
2. Mobile Phones/Smartphone Market
2.1 Mobile Phone Subscription Worldwide
2.2 5G Penetration Worldwide
2.3 Global Smartphone Market
2.4 Global 5G Smartphone Market
3. Wearable Device & Smartwatch Market 
3.1 Wearable Device Market Overview
3.2 Trends of Smartwatch Market Worldwide

Chapter 2. Virtual Car Key Market by Application/Type

1. Virtual Car Key 
1.1 Virtual Car Key Market Outline
1.2 Development of UWB-based Virtual Car Keys
1.3 Market Growth Led by UWB-based Virtual Car Keys
1.4 Global UWB-based Virtual Car Key Market Size by Product Type
1.4.1 Global Shipment Volume of Smartphones that Work with UWB
1.4.2 Global Shipment Volume of Smartwatches that Work with UWB
2. Current Status of Virtual Car Key
2.1 Introduction of Virtual Car Key in Major Markets
2.2 Introduction of Virtual Car Key by Major Automakers
3. Introduction of Virtual Car Key by Japanese Automakers 
3.1 General Situation
3.2 Toyota
3.2.1 Toyota
3.2.2 Lexus
3.3 Nissan 
3.4 Honda
3.5 Mazda
3.6 Mitsubishi Motors
3.7 Subaru
3.8 Daihatsu
3.9 Suzuki
4. Introduction of Virtual Car Key by Overseas Automakers 
4.1 General Situation
4.2 Mercedes-Benz
4.3 BMW
4.4 Volkswagen 
4.5 Audi
4.6 Volvo
4.7 General Motors
4.8 Hyundai
5. Shipment Volume of Virtual Car Keys
5.1 Shipment Volume of Virtual Car Keys in Japan
5.2 Shipment Volume of Virtual Car Keys Worldwide

Chapter 3. eCall Service Market

1. Outline of eCall Service 
2. Types of eCall Services
2.1 Fall detection
2.2 Crash detection
2.3 Emergency call service
3. eCall System Specification
3.1 Integration Status of eCall Services
3.2 Android
3.3 iOS
4. Shipment Volume of Devices with eCall
4.1 Shipment Volume of Smartphone with eCall 
4.2 Shipment Volume of Smartwatch with eCall
5. eCall System by Major Manufacturers
5.1 Samsung
5.2 Apple
5.3 Google 
6. Issues regarding eCall


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250,000 yen ($1,583.78)
(excluding consumption tax)
500,000 yen ($3,167.56)
(excluding consumption tax)
750,000 yen ($4,751.35)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 157.85 yen , 2024/07/14 Japan)
*Scope of Each License Type