Seed & Seedling Business 2023

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Seed and Seedling Business

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Manufacturers of seeds and seedling, organizations and government office concerned

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Through the study of businesses in seed and seedling business market and Agri-Bio market by focusing on their business directions, business strategies, R&D, and production structure, this market report aims to identify future directions of the seed business market. 


I   Noteworthy Market Trends of Seed & Seedling Business

1. Overview of Seed Legislations in Japan
(1) UPOV Convention 
(2) Seeds Law
(3) Plant Protection Law
2. Repeal of Main Crop Seeds Act and Its Impact on Market
(1) Domestic Rice Seed Market
(2) Repeal of Main Crop Seeds Act (in April 2018) and How Market is Affected
3. Conservation of Agricultural Genetic Resources (NARO Genebank)
4. Penetration of Gene Modification Technology and Food Labeling Issue
5. Directions and Perspectives on Gene Modification Technology at Leading Manufacturers
6. Genome Engineering and Implementation Trends 
7. Overview of Functional Agricultural Products Market
(1) Major Functional Agricultural Products
(2) Major Market Players
(3) Product Trends
8. DNA Marker in Plant Breeding and Genome Editing 
(1) Plant Breed for DNA Marker 
(2) Plant Breed for Genome Editing 
9. Trends/Directions of Large Pesticide Companies and Top Seed/Seedling Companies
10. Trends/Directions of Agri-Bio Startups
11. Usage of AI in Seed Business and Possibility of Transformation

II   Market Trends and Future Perspective of Global Seed & Seedling Business

1. Noteworthy Seed & Seedling Businesses
<Leading/Innovative Seed Businesses> 12 companies including BASF and S&W Seed
<Agri-Bio Startups> 4 companies including Inari and Pairwise Plants
2. Current Status of Global Seed Market
(1) Various Ways of Perceiving Global Seed Market
(2) Size of Global Seed Market
(3) Trends of Global Major Seed Companies
(4) Trends of Agri-Bio Startups
(5) Trends of Startups addressing Regenerative Agriculture (Indigo Agriculture, Joyn Bio, Pivot Bio, etc.)
3. Trends by Category
4. Perspective of Global Seed Market

III   Market Trends and Future Perspective of Domestic Seed & Seedling Business 

1. Conventional Plant Breeding and Characteristics of Agri-Bio Technology
2. Status of New Breed Registration
3. Industry Structure and Industry Characteristics
4. Analysis of Current Status of Seed Market
5. Perspective of Seed Market for 2030
6. Trends and 2030 Perspective of Seed Market by Category
(1) Vegetables
(2) Flowers and Plants
(3) Fruit Trees
(4) Grains/Crops (Rice, Wheat, Soybeans)
(5) Others (Lawn grass/turf, Fodder)
7. Attempts for Practical Use of Functional Agricultural Products
8. List of Gene Modified Agricultural Products as Foods Classified as Type 1 Based on Use Regulation based on the Act on the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biological Diversity through Regulations on the Use of Living Modified Organisms (Cartagena Act)

IV   Trends of Seed Business-related Market

1. Cutting-edge Technologies
2. Processed Seeds (Pellet Processing, Film Coating, etc.)
3. Expansion and Changes in Home Gardening Market
4. Seed Packaging Market

V   Market Strategies and Directions of Leading Market Players (Seed Companies & New Market Entrants from Other Industries)

1. Business Outline
2. New Products and R&D 
3. Production and Distribution
4. Distribution Flow and Retail Channels
5. Challenges in Seed Business
6. Future Directions of Seed Business

VI   Company Profiles of Leading Companies


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190,000 yen ($1,214.14)
(excluding consumption tax)
380,000 yen ($2,428.27)
(excluding consumption tax)
570,000 yen ($3,642.41)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 156.49 yen , 2024/07/18 Japan)
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