Operating Room Device Evaluation Survey 2023

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electrosurgical knife, bipolar, bipolar with a sealing function, ultrasonic solidifying and incision apparatus, surgical endoscope system (2D/3D/4K endoscope system), surgical robotic system, microscope for surgery, anesthetic machine, biological information monitor, respiratory apparatus, angiography device, operating table, and surgical lighting

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medical facilities that responded to the questionnaire

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COVID-19 pandemic made an enormous impact on medical care, and it is no exaggeration that it has given the opportunity to review the facility operations. As surgical operations take on the foundation of hospital management, this report covers the usage of medical equipment dedicated to being used at the operating room such as electrosurgical knife, ultrasonic solidifying and incision apparatus, anesthetic machine, surgery supporting robot, angiography device, operating room lighting, as well as the evaluation of total 36 manufacturers of medical equipment.


Part I   Questionnaire

  1. Outline of Questionnaire
  2. Attributes of Questionnaire Respondents
  3. Questionnaire Results

Q1. How are operating rooms arranged (shared, dedicated to equipment, departments, etc.)?

Q2. How many numbers of operations were conducted (including endoscopic surgery, robot-supported surgery, etc.) in FY2022? What was the ratio of surgeries by department?

Q3. Of the annual number of operations conducted, how many were endoscopic and robot-supported surgeries as well as those surgeries at hybrid operating rooms (cerebral vessel treatment)?

  1. Number of endoscopic surgeries:
  2. Number of robot-supported surgeries:
  3. Number of surgeries operated at hybrid operating rooms:

Q4. How are medical equipment used at operating rooms (the usage, manufacturer, numbers of equipment by manufacturer, reasons for adoption by manufacturer, evaluation of products by manufacturer)?

  1. Electrosurgical knife
  2. Bipolar
  3. Bipolar with a sealing function
  4. Ultrasonic solidifying and incision apparatus
  5. Surgical endoscope system
  6. Surgery-supporting robot
  7. Operation microscope
  8. Anesthetic machine
  9. Respiratory apparatus
  10. Biological information monitor (only at surgical room)
  11. Angiography device
  12. Operating room lighting
  13. Operating table

Q5. Which body parts that surgery supporting robots were used in surgeries? Is there any consideration underway for adopting surgery supporting robots other than “davinci”?

Q6. How do you evaluate each manufacturer of target equipment in terms of overall, sales, and maintenance support?

36 manufacturers

Q7. What is the ratio of using disposable pencils (disposable hand switches) for electrosurgical knives? Which manufacturer do you use?

Q8. Status of implementing surgical room solutions

  1. Implementation status
  2. Solution vendor used

Q9. Opinions and requests to medical equipment for operating rooms, if any.

Part2 Medical Facilities

361 Facilities


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250,000 yen ($1,597.55)
(excluding consumption tax)
500,000 yen ($3,195.09)
(excluding consumption tax)
750,000 yen ($4,792.64)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 156.49 yen , 2024/07/18 Japan)
*Scope of Each License Type