Electric Motorbike Market 2023

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Motorbikes and Electric Motorbikes

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The economic activities have resumed after three years of corona crisis, but the global economy is still opaque due to worldwide inflation, soaring material prices, the US and China decoupling, etc.

In such a situation, electric motorbikes have been stably increasing in India, China, and ASEAN countries, as local ventures occupying the market by means of penetration pricing even in the regions with many price-conscious users.

The electric motorbike market has entered a new phase, as major motorbike manufacturers have fully launched electric models in 2022 and 2023.

This report covers the latest trends from diverse areas, including swappable battery standardization competitions., components to be in demand hereafter, and the trend of market players.


I    Motorbike Market Overview

  1. The research target ranges
  2. History and Present of Motorbike Market
  3. Reason why electric motorbikes are demanded:
    1) Carbon neutrality target and tighter emission regulations
    2) Corporate social responsibility
    3) Attention to digital twin
    4) Mobility management
    5) Challenges in logistics
  4. Problems and Excellence in Electric Motorbikes
    Problem 1) Development of laws, regulations, and standards (Japan)
    Problem 2) Vehicle prices, battery prices
    Problem 3) Cruising distance
    Problem 4) Decisions from myriad of feeding methods
    Problem 5) Value generation from motorbikes used for fun
    Excellence 1) Subsidy for purchase
    Excellence 2) Fuel cost
    Excellence 3) Maintenance
    Excellence 4) Acceleration, quietness
    Excellence 5) Congeniality between corporate social responsibility and battery swapping
    Excellence 6) Potential of DC charging
    Excellence 7) Potential of hybrid two-wheel vehicle
  5. Trend of Small Electric Mobility that can be Competitors
    1) Electric bicycle
    2) E-scooter
    3) Electric microcar
  6. Fleet Demand Can Expand Demand for Electric Motorbikes
    1) European sharing services have been in shakeout
    2) Electric motorbike share increasing in gigantic market in India
    3) Two decacorn companies from Southeast Asia are having hard times
    4) Taiwan where sharing economy has developed
  7. Electric motorbike market after COVID-19 calamity
    1) Corona crisis contributed to faster spread of electric motorbikes
    2) Which is the central market hereafter?
  8. Spread of electric motorbikes can be up to battery swapping systems
    1) Battery swapping can be reaching a compromise
    2) Battery swapping, which prioritizes in justice or in standing to reason, rather than in profitability
    3) Struggling for supremacy between SBMC (Swappable Battery Motorcycle Consortium) VS PBGN (Powered by Gogoro Network)

II    Current Status of Motorbike Market by Region

  1. Market Size
  2. Motorbike Market Overview by Region
  3. Japan
  4. Europe
  5. USA
  6. India
  7. China
  8. Taiwan
  9. Indonesia
  10. Vietnam
  11. Thailand
  12. Philippines
  13. Pakistan
  14. Noteworthy other regions (Nigeria, Bangladesh, Brazil, CLM (Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar))

III    Market Trends of Noteworthy Components

1) Component Outline
2) Technological trends, trends of market players
3) Delivery matrix
4) Market share by manufacturer
5) Market size forecast

  1. Fuel Injectors
  2. AC (Alternating Current) Generators
  3. ABS (Anti-lock braking system)
  4. Drive system
  5. Batteries
  6. Other noteworthy components (electronic suspension control (or ESC) system, oxygen sensor system)

IV    Latest Trends of Leading Motorbike Manufacturers

  1. Honda
  2. Yamaha
  3. Suzuki
  4. Kawasaki Motors Corporation Japan
  5. BMW Motorrad
  6. Piaggio
  8. Grand River
  9. Loncin
  10. Other Chinese Manufacturers (Zonsen, Lifan, QJmotor)
  11. KYMCO
  12. Gogoro
  13. Hero MotoCorp
  14. Bajaj Auto
  15. TVS Motor
  16. Noteworthy Electric Motorbike Manufacturers
  • aidea
  • Silence(Scutum Logistics SL)
  • Askoll
  • Zero motorcycles
  • Yadea
  • NIU
  • Luyuan
  • AIMA
  • Ninebot
  • Hero Electric
  • Ather Energy
  • Okinawa Scooters
  • OLA Electric
  • Vinfast LLC
  • Pega


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180,000 yen ($1,134.00)
(excluding consumption tax)
360,000 yen ($2,268.00)
(excluding consumption tax)
540,000 yen ($3,402.00)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 158.73 yen , 2024/07/17 Japan)
*Scope of Each License Type