High Performance Films 2022

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High performance films

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High performance films manufacturers and processing companies

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I. Outlook of High-Performance Film Market

  • The next mainstream products are generated by synergy effects between original fabrics and film conversion
  • Production adjustment by downstream users rapidly slowed down the growth rate of high-performance film market in 2022.
  • Negative growth may be expected, but long-term sluggishness in demand is expected to be avoided due to expansion of demand base
  • Because of economic activities "With Corona", new product development and infrastructure building that had been stagnant may be resumed and accelerated
  • Increased demand for high transparency and low dielectric film in small cell base materials for millimeter wave and above is expected
  • Beyond 5G will collaboration with processing, not just film alone
  • As Film to Film, Bottle to Film have started in full scale, "environment" has been added to the competition of films
  • Manufacturers should aim for high-value added film recycling which can compete with virgin films by means of technological fusions of original films plus processing

II   PET Film Market Analysis

  • Production capacity at 8 major PET film makers expected to be 1,440,000 ton/year by 2024, with capital investment targeting MLCC in progress
  • In 2022 operation rate becomes a concern, but increased facilities for secondary materials secures flexibility in production
  • After 2 consecutive years of growth, the market in 2022 is expected to downturn to 99.4% on a YoY, the first negative growth in three years,
  • Films for optical use are expected to slightly grow, due to favorable growth in polarizers in the first half of the year and due to positive growth in films for secondary materials.
  • Because of production adjustment and increased product stocks at set manufacturers, adhesive films, release films and those for DFR slowed down.
  • Though MLCC release films managed keep the slight increase, general industrial films as a whole are likely to decline slightly.
  • Though Film to Film recycling starts from 2022, building of collection scheme is a challenge for it to be widely used and expand. 

III   Noteworthy High-Performance Films Market Trends

  1. Films for Flexible Displays
    1) Films for Flexible Display Substrates
    2) Films for Foldable Terminal Covers (Smartphone Covers)
  2. 5G Beyond and 5G-Supporting Films
  3. MLCC Release Films

IV   Perspectives and Strategies at Industrial High-Performance Film Manufacturers

12 enterprises 


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150,000 yen ($1,116.74)
(excluding consumption tax)
300,000 yen ($2,233.47)
(excluding consumption tax)
450,000 yen ($3,350.21)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 134.32 yen , 2022/12/04 Japan)