Leisure Industry 2019

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Sightseeing, travelling, amusement, gaming, leisure, sports, culture, hobbies, fictions, accommodation, food services

Research Target:

Companies in various amusement and leisure business including gaming, sports, cultural events accommodation, foods, and etc.

Research Content:

I   General Overview

  1. Market Background surrounding Leisure Industry
  1. Trend of Leisure
  2. Changes in Economic Environment and Social Background
  1. Trends of Leisure Industry
  1. Trend of leisure industry
  2. Future outlook

II   Sightseeing and Travelling Industries

  1. Travelling
  2. Resorts
  3. Theme Parks, Amusement Parks, Museums,
  4. Sports Watching, Participating in Events

III   Amusement, Gaming and Leisure Industries

  1. Amusement Market
  2. Other Leisure Markets

IV   Sports Industries

  1. Sports Facilities Market
  2. Sports Goods Market
  3. Outdoor Sports Market
  4. Other Sports Markets

V   Culture/Hobbies/Fiction Industries

  1. Movies/Films, Show Business
  2. Images, Music Software, Streaming Market
  3. Other Culture/Hobbies/Fiction Markets

VI   Accommodation and Food Service Industries

  1. Urban Hotels and Banquet Markets
  2. Restaurants Industry

Reference: Ranking of Leisure-related Companies


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* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 113.58 yen , 2021/12/08 Japan)