Credit Card Market 2019

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Credit card market in Japan

Research Target:

Credit card issuers, acquiring company, settlement terminal solution providers, etc.

Research Content:

I   General overview

  1. Environment surrounding Credit Card Market
  1. Expansion in Number of Foreign Tourists Visiting Japan and Measures Taken by the Government
  2. Act for Revision of the Installment Sales Act
  3. The Consolidation of Security Measures for Credit Card Transactions Compiled ("Action Plan 2018")
  4. Administrative Attempts for Utilization of FinTech
  5. Cashless and Consumer Reimbursement Business
  1. Market Size
  2. Market Perspectives
  1. Forecast of Billing from Shopping
  2. Forecast of Contactless Payment Market
  3. Forecast of Mobile Payment Market Size 

II     Business Performance of Credit Card Issuing Companies

  1. Operating income
  2. Ordinary profit
  3. Current profit
  4. Number of valid members
  5. Ratio of active members
  6. Billings (shopping + cashing)
  7. Billings (shopping)
  8. Billings (cashing)
  9. Balance of revolving, divided payment
  10. Balance of cashing
  11. Balance of reserves for the reward system

III   Trend Analysis of Credit Cards by Business Form/Parent Company

  1. Bank-affiliated Card Companies
  2. Credit Companies
  3. Retailer-affiliated Card Companies (GMS, Supermarkets, Convenience stores) 
  4. Retailer-affiliated Card Companies (Department stores)
  5. Automakers/Traffic-related Card Companies
  6. Online Malls/Telecommunications carrier/IT-related Card Companies

IV   Attempts of Various Services Addressed by Card Companies

  1. Trends in Point Reward Programs
  2. Trends in Investments to Information Systems

V   Trend Analysis of New Settlement Services and Peripheral Services

  1. Trends of Contactless Settlement in Japan
  2. Ideas and Attempts toward FinTech at Leading Card Companies
  1. Alignment with startups
  2. Future settlement services and ideas on FinTech
  3. AI utilization
  4. Promotions of new authentication and settlement,
  5. Attempts regarding utilization of data
  6. Thoughts on IoT
  7. Thoughts on blockchain
  8. Attempts regarding utilization of RPA
  9. Other attempts

VI   Company Profiles

21 enterprises

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150,000 yen ($1,344.33)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 111.58 yen , 2020/02/24 Japan)