Powered Exoskeleton Market 2019

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Powered Exoskeleton

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Powered Exoskeleton manufacturers

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I   Current Status of Powered Exoskeleton Market

  1. Many companies from diverse industries entered the market. Large number of companies entered to develop task-support type.
  2. In 2017 and beyond, many of those products released were task-support type.
  3. Transition of Market Size:
  1. With task-support type driving the market, the entire market size in volume continues expanding.
  2. Though the contents are different, the market in value has also been expanding.
  1. Transition of Market Share by Manufacturer by Type
  1. The market share of walk-assist type powered exoskeletons by maker differs in volume against value.
  2. INNOPHYS CO.,LTD. and ATOUN Inc. showing strength in developing task-support types.
  1. Technologies at newly-entered makers tend to diversify more than those at existing makers.

II   Noteworthy Trends of Powered Exoskeletons

  1. The market players differ by what the target is. As for task-support types, the boundary between what to support, a person or a thing, has becoming vague.
  2. The mainstream power source is electricity (motor), but the power sources of the task-support types are diversifying.
  3. For both task-support types and walk-assist types, what to assist differs by the idea and the maker.
  4. The newer the product is, the assisting power becoming lower and the weight lighter.
  5. Task-support types have become lower in prices. The attention has been paid to the prices of new products and the demand development by INNOPHYS.
  6. Those used in a half-crouching posture differs in target audience but targeted for pursuing diversity.

III   Attempts by Leading Domestic Market Players

11 makers

IV   Potential and Future of Powered Exoskeletons

  1. Challenges and New Trends of Powered Exoskeletons by Power Source.

New suggestions have been made at each power source.

  1. No large changes to be found in walk assist types. Application and diversification expands in task-support types.
  2. Users do not expand only by high functionality and high prices. Task-support types seem to shift to prioritize in needs.
  3. The market has entered to the second stage since FY 2017. The competition of cost effectiveness is likely to start.
  4. The market forecast lies in the new products and in INNOPHYS. The true value is evaluated at the second stage.

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150,000 yen ($1,347.22)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 111.34 yen , 2020/02/20 Japan)