Medical Business 2019

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administration work at hospitals, medical office support services, sterilization services, medical waste treatment services, meal services at hospitals and welfare facilities, clinical laboratory business, appointment systems, outpatient-calling systems, convenience stores at hospitals, medical tourism, etc.

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Manufacturers/providers and medical institutions

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I   Strategies and Outlook of Medical Business

  • Growth of administration outsourcing tasks within hospitals has slowed down. More thoughts and consideration from patients' points of views are required.
  • General trading companies have enhanced hospital operations overseas.
  • Self-check services have a potential for becoming core services of "preventive medicine."
  • It is necessary for hospitals to prepare their environment for accepting foreign people. Language issues can turn into new business. 
  • Providing various hospital services through smartphones possessed by the patients has become noteworthy.
  • Medical business needs to be recognized also as the business of human resources.

II   Outlook of Outsourcing Business in Medical Peripheral Industry

  1. Medical office support services
  2. Sterilization services
  3. Medical waste treatment services
  4. Meal services for hospital and welfare facilities
  5. Clinical laboratory business

III   Patient Amenity Improvement Business

  1. Doctor appointment systems
  2. Outpatient-calling systems
  3. Opening Convenience stores within hospitals

IV   Noteworthy Medical Business

  1. Medical Tourism, Globalization, Admitting Foreign Patients
  2. Mailed Health Inspection Self check services

V    Reference

List of approved comprehensive medical checkup facilities and assessments

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130,000 yen ($1,167.59)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 111.34 yen , 2020/02/20 Japan)