UPS (Uninterruptible Power System) Market 2019

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Uninterruptible Power Systems

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Producers and Sellers in the Domestic UPS Market

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I  Current Status of UPS Market

  1. No big changes in the leading market-player manufacturers.
  2. Transition of Total Market Size
  • Volume-based market size has been on the fall. The market size depends on the trends of UPS with 3kVA or lower.
  • Capacity-range based market size failing to grow further for all the ranges of capacity.
  • Value-based market size is promising for expansion in UPS with 100kVA or more. Foreign affiliates hold the key for expansion.
  1. Transition of Market Share of Makers Based on Volume.
  2. Transition of Market Share of Makers by Capacity Range.
  3. Transition of Market Share of Makers by Value.

II   Noteworthy Trends in UPS market

  1. Differences are hard to find among specifications of products by each maker. Feeding systems and output waves cannot be decisively differentiate in performance between makers.
  2. High efficiency and long life are the values added to large-capacity UPS. However, they largely depend on cost
  3. Adoption of LiB has been increasing. Makers need understanding from users on how UPS has advantage of having it.
  4. UPS for large data centers have shown steady growth. In spite of steady demands at various industries, no growth factors can be found.
  5. New demand cannot be found.  No proactive development for it has been in progress.

III   Attempts at Leading Market Players

IV   Perspectives of UPS Market

  1. No new demand is obvious for all the capacity ranges. The key for finding out the demand lies in combination of the systems.
  2. Fluctuation stems from wide acceptance of data centers and IoT.
  3. There and advantages and disadvantages for both Japanese and foreign makers. How to promote to users are the key to create new generation.
  4. Reuse of secondhand LiB toward lower price of LIB is yet to be feasible.
  5. Market Size Forecast shows market shrink is inevitable. Development of new demand is the key for the growth.

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150,000 yen ($1,344.33)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 111.58 yen , 2020/02/24 Japan)