Space Designing Industry 2018

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120,000 yen ($1,092.10)(excluding consumption tax)
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Space Designing Industry and Peripheral industries

Research Target:

Space Designing companies, event producers, Commerce Facilities, medical facilities, retail markets, etc.

Research Content:

I    Market Overview at Space Designing Industry

  1. Latest Trends in Space Designing Industry
  2. Transition and Forecast of Size of Related Markets
  3. Environmental Changes in Peripheral Industries
  1. Market Trends in Commercial Facilities
  2. Influence from Demographic changes
  3. Development of Commercial Facilities by Deregulation
  4. Influence of Inbound Tourism Demand
  5. AI Utilization at Commercial Facilities
  6. Reconsideration in Some of Online Shopping Services
  7. Acceleration of Integration in Suburban Stores
  8. Financial Business by Retailers
  1. Latest Trends and Market Outlook of Retail Industry

II   Trends and Outlook of Event Market

  1. Event Market Trends
  2. Market Structure and Economic Effects of Event Market
  3. Transition of Domestic Event Market Size and Forecast

III    Market Trends and Outlook for Retail Industry by Business Category

  1. Analysis and Strategies of Retail Market by Business Category
  2. Trends in Sales Values by Business Category
  3. Retail Market Analysis by Prefecture

IV     Trends of Noteworthy Commercial Facilities

  1. Latest Trends in Commercial Facilities
  2. Development Project Planned at Major Commercial Facilities
  3. Large Shopping Centers
  4. Outlet Malls
  5. Cinema Complex

V      Business Status and Strategies by Leading Space Designing Companies

  1. Business Development and Directions
  2. Transition of Sales Performance of Leading Space Designing Companies
  3. Sales Composition by Business Category
  4. Business and Sales Strategies
  5. Future Noteworthy Categories
  6. Future Challenges and Directions

VI     Trends of Peripheral Markets

  1. Trends in Large Construction Industry
  2. Trends in Real-Estate Development Industry
  3. Trends in Related Demands

VII   Case Studies of Leading Companies

15 enterprises

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120,000 yen ($1,092.10)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 109.88 yen , 2020/02/19 Japan)