Real Estate Developers Market 2018

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Real Estate Development

Research Target:

Leading real estate developers, constructors, other real estate agencies, companies in other related industries

Research Content:

I   Trends and Perspectives of Real Estate Market

  1. Changes of Environment surrounding Real Estate Market
  1. Enhancement in exporting infrastructure through joint efforts of the public and private sectors
  2. New establishment of bills to facilitate lending and borrowing of urban farmlands
  3. Revised Real Estate Brokerage Act coming into force
  4. Integration of real-estate information possessed by the national and local governments 
  5. Prominent tendency of little-used or unused lands
  6. Real-Estate-tech that has been paid attention
  7. Technological innovation in real-estate industry
  8. Trend of companies entering "concession" business
  1. Trends of Real Estate Market and Transition of Market Size
  1. Trends of real estate market
  2. Transition of real estate market size
  3. Update of stock assets
  4. Changes in Residence Market
  1. Trends of Overseas Real Estate Market
  1. Real Estate Demand Overseas
  2. Business for Elderly in Asia
  3. Real Estate Business in China
  4. Real Estate Market in Singapore/Hong Kong
  5. Real Estate Market in Malaysia
  6. Real Estate Market in Indonesia
  7. Real Estate Market in Philippines
  1. Outlook and Challenges of Construction Market
  2. Trends and Perspectives of Land Prices
  3. Perspectives of Real Estate Market

II   Structure of Real Estate Industry and Trend of Related Companies

  1. Structure and Operational Status of Real Estate Industry
  2. Characteristics of Leading Real Estate Developers
  3. Transition of Business Results of Leading Real Estate Companies
  4. Trends of New Market Players from Different Industries
  5. Business Results of Leading General Constructors and Business Strategy
  6. Trends and Challenges of General Constructors

III   Trends of Real Estate Investment Market

  1. Trends of Real Estate Securitization
  2. Trends of Real Estate Investment
  3. Domestic REIT Market Trend
  4. Trends of Individual Investors
  5. Purchase of Real Estate in Japan by Overseas Investors
  6. Trends of Global Real Estate Investment
  7. Perspectives of Real Estate Investment Market

IV   Trends of Commercial Real Estate

  1. Office Buildings
  2. Commercial Facilities
  3. Distributional Facilities
  4. Hotels
  5. Rental Condos and Apartments

V   Trend and Plans of Major Development Projects

  1. Market Environment of Development Projects
  2. Trends of Noteworthy Development Projects
  3. Development Projects by Business Category
  4. Major Development Projects by Local Area

VI   Results and Strategies of Leading Companies

  1. Business Results and Outlook of Leading Companies
  2. Business Strategies at Leading Companies
  3. Trend of Overseas Real Estate Development
  4. Future Directions

VII   Case Studies

12 enterprises


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120,000 yen ($1,070.47)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 112.1 yen , 2020/02/21 Japan)