Specialty Store Chains Market 2017

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158,000 yen ($1,521.57)
(excluding consumption tax)
316,000 yen ($3,043.14)
(excluding consumption tax)
474,000 yen ($4,564.71)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 103.84 yen , 2021/01/18 Japan)

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Specialty store chains

Research Target:

Leading companies of 46 Retail Markets in 7 Categories

Research Content:

I   Specialty Store Market Overview

  1. Positioning and Current Status of Specialty Stores in Overall Retail Market
  1. Transition of Overall Retail Market Size in Japan
  2. Form of Specialty Stores in Overall Retail Market
  1. Leading Enterprises of Each of Specialty Store Market
  1. List of Top 3 Companies of Each of Specialty Store Category
  2. Top 100 Specialty Stores According to Largest Number of Shops

II   Trends in Specialty Store Chains

  1. Store Opening Strategies at Specialty Store Chains
  1. Transition and Stream of How to Open Shops by Specialty Stores
  2. Latest Trends of Shopping Centers
  3. Opening a Shop at Department Stores
  4. Opening a Shop to Traffic Channel by Specialty Stores
  1. Expansion of Online Shopping Market and Specialty Store Market
  1. Transition and Size of Online Shopping Market
  2. Online Shopping Business by Specialty Store Enterprises
  3. Growth of Common Point Reward Services
  4. Diversifying E-Commerce DElivery Services and Issues regarding Re-delivery
  1. Overseas Development of Enterprises Operating Speciatly Stores and Status of Inbound Demands
  1. Status of Overseas Development by Japanese Retail Companies
  2. Trends of Overseas Development by Specialty Stores

III   Trends in Specialty Stores by Category

  1. Drugstores
  2. Hardware Stores/DIY Stores
  3. 100-Yen Shops (One-Price Shops)
  4. Discount Stores
  5. Recycling Shops
  6. Outlet Malls
  7. Online Stores

IV   Trends in Specialty Store Market by Industry

  1. Apparel
  1. Casual shops
  2. Select shops
  3. Women's clothing shops
  4. Children/Babies' clothing specialty stores
  5. Men's clothing specialty stores
  6. Kimono specialty stores
  1. Books/CD&DVDs/Gaming Software
  1. Book stores (Books-only)
  2. CD/Game shops
  3. Second-hand software specialty shops
  4. Software complex store market
  1. Hobbies, Recreation, Sports
  1. Music instruments specialty stores
  2. Toys/Character specialty stores
  3. Crafts shops
  4. Cameras/DPE stores
  5. Ticket shops
  6. Auto supplies shops
  7. Used Car Specialty Stores
  8. Automobile/Motorbike specialty stores
  9. Sports goods stores
  10. Pet/pet goods stores
  11. Flower and Green stores
  1. Consumer Electronics/PCs and Furniture/Household Goods
  1. Consumer electronics retail stores
  2. PC specialty stores
  3. Mobile phones specialty stores
  4. Furniture specialty stores
  5. Household goods specialty stores
  6. Writing material/Stationery specialty stores
  1. Jewelries/Accessories/Cosmetics
  1. Jewelries/Accessories specialty stores
  2. Glasses specialty stores
  3. Bags specialty stores
  4. Shoes stores
  5. Clothing accessories specialty stores
  6. Cosmetics specialty stores
  1. Food Stores
  1. Liquor stores
  2. Fresh foods specialty stores, food discount stores
  3. Bento/Deli shops
  4. Pizza/Sushi delivery shops
  5. Food Mail Orders, Health Foods
  6. Bakeries, Patisseries, Japanese Sweets Shops

V    46 Markets in 7 Categories, Profiles of Leading Companies

  1. Index of Company Names
  2. Specialty Store Chain Data


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158,000 yen ($1,521.57)
(excluding consumption tax)
316,000 yen ($3,043.14)
(excluding consumption tax)
474,000 yen ($4,564.71)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 103.84 yen , 2021/01/18 Japan)