Publishing Industry 2016

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Publishing Industry

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I    2.5 Trillion-Yen Publishing Market Prospects

  1. Total sales of 296 companies increased by 4.2% (FY2014/FY2015), among which total sales of conventional publishing companies increased by 2.0%.
  2. The publishing market in 2016 is likely to decline by 4.0% to attain 1,460 Billion yen.  When adding the e-book market, the total market size is expected to be 1,659 billion yen.
  3. The market size in 2015 was 1,500 billion yen, among which total sales of books achieved 742.0 billion yen, boosted by "Hibana" and other best-seller books.
  4. Magazine sales amount decreased by 8.4%. Weekly magazines decreased by 13.6%, the first time to record double-digit decline. Major monthly magazines decreased. 
  5. The total profit ratio of 296 companies was 1.5%, conspicuous decline of earning power can be seen in mid-size publishers.
  6. How publishers survive in the era of digitalization and electronic books. The sales of the new e-commerce business launched by Shueisha, a publisher, are to attain more than 5 billion yen. Kadokawa aims for new stage by integrating the business management

<E-book market>

  1. The sales of e-book in leading publishers are expected to expand to 10 billion-yen market.  The market size from 2015 to 2016 is likely to increase by 30%, out of which comic books occupy 80% or less.
  2. Forecast of e-book market size
  3. Forecast of e-book market size by category
  4. Digital comic book market outlook
  5. Total publishing market (existing publishing market + e-book market)
  6. Trends in leading publishers
  7. Status of e-book stores
  8. Table of e-book market size forecast


  1. The book market in 2015 declined by 1.7% to 741.9 billion yen.  The decline is 9 years in a row, but the latest decrease was subtle due to great hit by the book "Hibana."
  2. From January to May of 2016, the sales of books increased by 2.1% because of boom of Kakuei Tanaka, who once was a prime minister of Japan, and of emergence of several books that have been talked about as some candidates of book-store awards. However, in the latter half of the year, there may be some negative reaction from the too-great hit "Hibana."
  3. Publishing industry with so many problems and issues to be solved.
  4. Trends in book-store business
  5. Sales ranking of book retail stores and their profit trends

II   Magazine Market Analysis

  1. Transition of Number of Magazines Sold
  1. The sales in 2015 marked the least sales ever.  Serious sales slump seen for every magazine.
  2. Advertising revenue shifting to online.
  3. Fashion magazines for teens and 20s have largely declined. Stability seen for fashion magazines for women in 40s and 50s.
  4. Number of magazines started being published in 2015 was only 70, the least number ever.
  5.  Number of magazines discontinued was only 117, which decreased when compared with the number in previous year.
  1. Leading Magazines/Number of Magazines Actually Sold and Ranking of Advertising Revene
  2. Status of 450 Magazines Sold
  1. Weekly Magazines
  2. Fashion Magazines for Younger Generations
  3. Casual Fashion Magazines for Younger Generations
  4. Fashion Magazines for Working Women
  5. Lifestyle Magazines/Casual Fashion Magazines for Women in Late 20s
  6. Fashion Magazines for Women in 30s
  7. Fashion Magazines for Women in 40s
  8. Avant-Garde Fashion Mode Magazines
  9. Cosmetics/Make-Up Magazines
  10. Lifestyle Magazines
  11. Fashion Magazines for Those in Early Teens
  12. Local Town/City Magazines
  13. Weekly Pictorial Magazines
  14. Lifestyle/Product Information Magazines
  15. Gourmet/Cooking Magazines
  16. Magazines for Diet/Health Drastically Declined
  17. Comic Magazines for Boys
  18. Monthly Comic Magazines for Boys
  19. Comic Magazines for Young Men
  20. Comic Magazines for Women
  21. Comic Magazines for Girls
  22. Comics (books)

III   Actual Sales and Prospects of Publishers

  1. Current status and outlook of publishers
  2. Profit-making-power ranking among publishing companies
  3. Questionnaire to Book Stores regarding Publishers

IV   Lower Cost Required at Publishers

  1. Research of publishers and production companies
  2. Trends in paper (prices/quality) used by publishers

V   Status of Publishers in Structural Reform Period

  1. Competitive Landscape in Publishing Industry (Otowa Group VS Hitotsubashi Group
  2. Business Strategies at Leading Publishers
  3. Gakken Holdings
  4. Infomation Publishers (Shift from Paper to Digital)
  5. Publishers of Comics
  6. Publishers of Magazines for Women
  7. Prestige Publishers
  8. Publishers of Children's Books
  9. Publishers of Medical Documents
  10. Publishers of Documents regarding Regulations
  11. Text-Book Publishers
  12. Economics Publishers
  13. Noteworthy Publishers 1
  14.  Noteworthy Publishers 2

VI  Company Profiles


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140,000 yen ($1,347.84)
(excluding consumption tax)
280,000 yen ($2,695.68)
(excluding consumption tax)
420,000 yen ($4,043.52)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 103.87 yen , 2021/01/16 Japan)