In-Car HMI/Driver Monitoring Market 2016

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In-Car HMI (e-Cockpit), and Peripheral Systems

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Part I   Overview: In-Car HMI and "e-Cockpit" in Era of Autonomous Vehicles - Forecast of 2025

I   Current Status and Future Forecast of In-Car HMI  (Human Machine Interface) or e-Cockpit

  1. Current Status of HMI and Thoughts by Yano Research Institute
  2. Target of Research for Our Report
  3. How Yano Research Institute Consider about "Driver-Monitoring", a Key of In-Car HMI in Era of Autonomous Vehicles
  1. Driver monitoring getting more important in association with autonomous driving  
  2. What is considered behind Driver monitoring -- You are being watched
  3. Market players that change behind driver monitoring
  4. Manufacturing /Distributors -> Compete with Eco-System Companies
  5. Highly recognizable by just looking at the surveillance camera market in China 
  6. In-vehicle HMI, Promising Car Electronic Unit in Era of Autonomous Vehicles
  1. Progressive Integration of HMI and e-Cockpit
  1. Meanings of "Integrated HMI" and "e-Cockpit"
  2. History of Evolved System of Integrated HMI
  1. Transition of In-Car HMI until 2030
  2. Transition of Global e-Cockpit Market Size (2013-2022, Japan, Europe, US, and China)
  1. Transition of e-Cockpit Market Stories
  2. Weakness and Trends of Japanese Companies in e-Cockpit Market
  3. Challnges of Semiconductor Manufacturers in e-Cockpit Market
  1. Replacement of and Changes by e-Cockpit
  1. What replaces e-Cockpit
  2. Changes stemming from e-Cockpit
  3. Integrated HMI may generate new business
  1. Four Categories of In-Car HMI
  2. Attitude toward Integrity Control regarding Domestic OEM and Challnges

II   In-Car HMI Strategies and Directions Viewed from Each of Positions

1. Thoughts on In-Car HMI from OEM

2. Thoughts on In-Car HMI from Tier 1 Suppliers

3. Thoughts on In-Car HMI from Semiconductor Manufacturers

4. Thoughts on In-Car HMI from Companies in the business of IT/Software/SmartphonesSemiconductor Manufacturers

III   HMI and Future of Vehicles - Potential and Challenges

  1. HMI and Autonomous Driving/ADAS
  2. Designs of HMI
  3. HMI and IoT
  4. Driver Distruction
  5. HMI for Elderly
  6. Twelve Aspects of Enhancement for Future Vehicles and HMI Required
  1. Comfort and HMI
  2. Existing HMI and Integration
  3. Timing for Implementing In-Car HMI Peripheral Systems by Item
  4. Alignment with IT/Telecom and HMI
  5. Energy Management and HMI
  6. Commodification of Automobiles and HMI
  7. Alignment with Other Industries and HMI
  8. HMI and Cybersecurity
  9. HMI for AI Concierge
  10. New HMI Technologies to be Implemented
  11. Personal HMI
  12. HMI for Drivers of Level-4-Autonomous Vehicles
  13. HMI for Sharing Cars

Part II   Analysis by Items of Cockpit Peripheral Systems

  1. In-Vehicle Displays
  2. HUD
  3. In-Vehicle Cameras
  4. Driver Monitoring
  5. Gesture Recognition
  6. Contact Sensing Interface
  7. Voice Recognition
  8. Wearable Devices and HMI
  9. In-Vehicle Tablets
  10. In-Vehicle AR
  11. Use of HMI in Vehicle Interior Illumination



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180,000 yen ($1,660.82)
(excluding consumption tax)
360,000 yen ($3,321.65)
(excluding consumption tax)
540,000 yen ($4,982.47)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 108.38 yen , 2021/03/06 Japan)