Confectionery Industry: Sweets and Desserts 2014-2015

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105,000 yen ($981.31)
(excluding consumption tax)
210,000 yen ($1,962.62)
(excluding consumption tax)
315,000 yen ($2,943.93)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 107 yen , 2021/03/04 Japan)

Coverage: (Product/service)

Confectioneries and sweets (Cakes, donuts, cream puffs, madelaines/financiers, rolled cakes, Baumkuchen, Japanese traditional confectioneries (manju), Chinese traditional sweets, chocolate, cookies/biscuits, rice crackers, beans snacks, potato/corn chips, crisps, chewing gams, candies/toffees)

Research Target:

Manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, and consumers

Research Content:

I   Current Status of Sweets and Desserts Market

  1. Noteworthy Market Trends
  1. Influence of Consumption Tax Increase
  2. Trends in Gift Demands
  3. Trends in Sweets Sold at Convenience Stores
  4. Trends in Coffee Sold at Convenience Store Counters
  5. Trends in Sweets Sold at Facilities and Shopping Centers within Railroad Stations
  6. Thriving Souvenir Sweets Market
  7. Trendy Sweets
  8. Fierce Market Competition with Distributed Confectioneries
  9. Approaches of Mail-Order Business by Japanese and Western Sweets Market
  10. Trends in Development of New Brand/New Business Forms by Manufacturing Retailers
  11. Coping with Higher Costs, Raising of Prices, Influence of Consumption Tax Increase
  12. Trends in Business Development to Overseas
  1. Market Forecast: Market Size Forecast on Japanese Sweets, Western Sweets, Desserts, and Ice creams (FY2013 - FY2018)

II   Market Trends by Product Category

  1. Japanese Sweets Market
  2. Cakes/Sweets Market
  3. Desserts Market
  4. Ice Cream Market

III   Trends by Distribution Channel

  1. Trends in Manufacturing Retailers
  1. Department stores
  2. Large Commercial Facilities, Shopping Centers
  3. Mass Merchandisers, Large Supermarkets
  4. Commercial Facilities within Railway Stations
  5. Commercial Facilities close to Railway Stations (Atre. etc.)
  6. Air ports
  7. Parking Areas, Service Areas
  1. Trends in Distributors
  1. Mass Merchandisers, Large Supermarkets
  2. Convenience Stores
  1. Mail Order Channels

IV   Ranking of Market Players

V   Consumer Survey

VI   Noteworthy Company Profiles

[Manufacturing Retail Confectionery]

Otabe, Konigs Krone, Taneya, Boul'Mich, Morozoff, Kasho Sanzen, Kakiyasu Honten, Toraya, Ishimuramanseido, Nakamuraya, Muginoho, Fujiya, Bunmeido, Yoneya, B-R 31 Ice Cream, Juchheim, Chateraise

[Distribution-packaged Confectionery]

Awashimado, Fuji Baking, Monteur, Imuraya, Sakaeya Nyugyo, Yamazaki Baking, Shikishima Baking, Kimuraya Sohonten, Domremy, Plecia

[Desserts and Ice Cream]

Ohayo Dairy Products, Takanashi Milk Products, Danone Japan, Tarami, , Häagen-Dazs Japan, Fujicco, Maruha Nichiro Foods, Yakult Honsha, Lotte Ice Cream, Ezaki Glico, Koiwai Dairy Products, Morinaga & Co., Morinaga Milk Industry, Akagi Nyugyo, Megmilk Snow Brand, Nipponluna, Meiji, Kyodo Milk Industry, Glico Dairy Products, Chichiyasu


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105,000 yen ($981.31)
(excluding consumption tax)
210,000 yen ($1,962.62)
(excluding consumption tax)
315,000 yen ($2,943.93)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 107 yen , 2021/03/04 Japan)