Meal Service Market 2014

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105,000 yen ($981.31)
(excluding consumption tax)
210,000 yen ($1,962.62)
(excluding consumption tax)
315,000 yen ($2,943.93)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 107 yen , 2021/03/04 Japan)

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Meal service for offices, hospitals, schools, nursing care facilities and deliveries

Research Target:

Meal service providers

Research Content:

I        Noteworthy Market Trends

  1. Changes in 4,440-billion-yen meal service market
  2. Increase and decrease in number of meal service facilities
  3. Diversifying meal service market and companies (M&A, overseas development, market entry from other industries)
  4. Because of manpower shortage, processed foods and installing of central kitchen are attracting attention
  5. The issue of childcare waiting lists
  6. Progress seen for food education, local production for local consumption, and outsourcing to the private sector at meal services of kindergarten and primary schools
  7. Health checkup as a measure against Metabolic Syndrome may have taken effect to the less obesity in women and higher rate of fixed exercising habits among the elderly
  8. Full entrance of Co-op, food-service or retail distribution companies to meal service market
  9. Enhancement of clinical nutrition caused by addition of NST
  10. Since the seniors need to take care not to intake too much salts in their meals, cooking at home is encouraged
  11. Sound growth in dysphagia, swallowing difficulty and medical examination food market

II      Market Analysis and Prospects

  1. Entire market (FY2009 to FY2013): Back up from welfare services helped the entire market to hold up in spite of delayed recovery from recession
  2. Meal service at on-site offices: The market in FY2013 has encouraging signs to attain 100.2% in of the size of the previous year
  3. Bento-style meal services: Home-delivery service for elderly is driving the market
  4. Hospital meal services: Outsourcing is likely to exceeded 45% by 2018
  5. Long-term care facility meal service: Sound market growth is expected for the time being
  6. School meal services: Outsourcing to private sectors will account for 50% during the next few years
  7. Meal services for kindergarten and childcare centers: Market has drawn attention which is encouraging new comers to the market

III     Marketing Strategy by Leading Meal Service Companies

  1. Business scheme
  2. Cooking and processing methods and state of central kitchen (taking measures against planned outage and electricity saving)
  3. Creation of new menu, food material procurement and distribution
  4. State of sales (sales structure, focusing regions/users
  5. Maintenance of freshness, safety management measures, method of personnel education
  6. Overseas development (supporting of Japanese-affiliated companies, establishment of branches overseas)
  7. Future market strategy

IV     Profiles of Leading Meal Service Companies

33 companies

V       Brief Profiles of Nationwide Meal Service Companies (492 companies


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105,000 yen ($981.31)
(excluding consumption tax)
210,000 yen ($1,962.62)
(excluding consumption tax)
315,000 yen ($2,943.93)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 107 yen , 2021/03/04 Japan)