Consumer Surveys on Beauty Fashion 2013

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50,000 yen ($483.09)
(excluding consumption tax)
100,000 yen ($966.18)
(excluding consumption tax)
150,000 yen ($1,449.28)
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* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 103.5 yen , 2021/01/22 Japan)

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cosmetics, natural/organic cosmetics, hair growth agents, aesthetic salons, relaxation facilities, babies'/children's clothing, Jeans casual wear, secondhand jewelry purchase services

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Research Content:

I   Consumer Survey on Usage of Cosmetics

Survey Items

  1. Skin type
  2. The most distressing beauty trouble
  3. Cosmetics that you bought within the year
  4. Expenditure on cosmetics (e.g., products of skin care, make-up, hair-care, fragrance, and bodycare)
  5. Cosmetics that increased its purchased amount within the year
  6. Where to buy cosmetics
  7. Reason why you like buying them

(department store, supermarket, drugstore/pharmacy, cosmetics specialty store, door-to-door sales, mail order (w/o online shopping), Online shopping, variety store, convenience store, home center/discount store, private import, antenna shop, aesthetic salon, beauty parlor, overseas duty-free shop, 100-yen shop, and others)

  1. Location where you might increase visiting for purchasing of cosmetics
  2. Timeline that you often buy cosmetics (weekdays, weekends, comparison between the two)
  3. Cosmetics makers and brands that you like
  4. Reason why you are using that cosmetics that you are using
  • Reason why you like skin care products that you are using
  • What point you focus most for skincare products
  • Status of which brand you choose for skin care product
  1. Method of acquiring cosmetics/beauty information
  2. Necessary information on cosmetics
  3. Interests in beauty
  4. Beauty knowledge awareness
  5. Cosmetic ingredients that you know
  6. About face-to-face sales
  7. What to place importance in buying cosmetics
  8. Factors that determine the images of cosmetic brands
  9. Items that relate to cosmetic you are using
  10. Cosmetic related items that you may increase buying
  11. Period of using that brand you are using
  12. About men's cosmetics

II   Consumer Survey on Natural/Organic Cosmetics

  1. The time or period you have started using natural/organic cosmetics
  2. The biggest reason why you started using natural/organic cosmetics
  3. Information source that you place importance in buying natural/organic cosmetics
  4. Main place where you buy natural/organic cosmetics
  5. Location/place where you want to buy natural/organic cosmetics in future
  6. Unit purchasing price for natural/organic cosmetics that you are using
  7. Brands of natural/organic cosmetics you are using
  8. Reason of choosing that brand
  9. Whether or not you intend to continue using that brand
  10. What image you have in brands of natural/organic cosmetics

III   Consumer Survey on Hair Growth Agent

IV   Consumer Survey on Aesthetic Salons

  1. Status of using aesthetic salon
  2. Status of using multiple aesthetic salons
  3. Type of aesthetic salon that you recently use/reasons
  4. Any company when using aesthetic salons
  5. What to expect for aesthetic salons
  6. Information sources for aesthetic salons
  7. Treatment that you experieced/ or want to experience at aesthetic salons
  8. The fee you think is appropriate
  9. Product purchasing state at aesthetic salons
  10. Anxieties, grievances, or requests to aesthetic salons
  11. Evaluation for aesthetic salons
  12. Usage state of spa
  13. Usage of other facilities relating to aesthetic salons
  14. About men's usage of aesthetic salons

V   Customer Survey on Relaxation Facilities

  1. When do you use relaxation facilities
  2. Time frame to use relaxation facilities most
  3. Frequency of using relaxation facilities
  4. Information source of relaxation facilities
  5. Repetitive use of relaxation facilities
  6. How to use relaxation facilities
  7. About treatment experience
  8. Fees
  9. Intention to use relaxation facilities in future
  10. What to place importance for relaxation facilities

VI   Consumer Survey on Baby's/Children's Clothing

  1. Place to buy Baby's/Children's Clothing
  2. Specialty stores/Mass merchandisers that you often use
  3. Online shopping site that you often use
  4. Person whom you receive gifts for children
  5. Budget for birthday presents
  6. Favourite character

VII   Consumer Survey on Jeans Casual Wear

  1. Average number of jeans you buy annually
  2. Objectives to buy jeans
  3. Channels to buy jeans
  4. Brand of jeans you buy
  5. Average number of jeans you possess
  6. Any jeans you long for, if any (brand name)
  7. Any jeans you long for, if any (brand name #2)
  8. Purchase motives for jeans (importance of price)
  9. Purchase motives for jeans (importance of brand)
  10. Purchase motives for jeans (importance of silhouette)
  11. Purchase motives for jeans (importance of quality)
  12. Purchase motives for jeans (importance of color)
  13. Purchase motives for jeans (importance of comfort)
  14. Purchase motives for jeans (importance of design)
  15. Purchase motives for jeans (importance of functionality)
  16. Purchase motives for jeans (importance of produced country)
  17. Any changes in intention to spend for jeans
  18. Any changes in frequendy of buying jeans
  19. Any changes in frequency of wearing jeans

VIII   Consumer Survey on Secondhand Jewelry Purchase Services

  • SC1. Number of jewelries you possess/Total value of those jewleries
  • SC2. Number of jewelries by material
  • SC3. Any experience for using secondhand-jewelry purchase services
  • SC4. Any experience for using secondhand-jewelry reform services
  • SC5. Reason why you have not used secondhand-jewelry purchase services
  1. Number of times you used secondhand-jewelry purchase services/Total amount of price you earned
  2. What triggered you to use secondhand-jewelry purchase services
  3. The shop you used for secondhand-jewelry purchase services
  4. Reason why you chose that shop
  5. Method of assessment
  6. Any contents/reflection points when using secondhand-jewelry purchase services
  7. Any request for secondhand-jewelry purchase services


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50,000 yen ($483.09)
(excluding consumption tax)
100,000 yen ($966.18)
(excluding consumption tax)
150,000 yen ($1,449.28)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 103.5 yen , 2021/01/22 Japan)