Next Generation Agri-production System Market 2010

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Japan , Netherlands


130,000 yen ($1,199.48)
(excluding consumption tax)
260,000 yen ($2,398.97)
(excluding consumption tax)
390,000 yen ($3,598.45)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 108.38 yen , 2021/03/08 Japan)

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Agricultural production system and plant factories

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Management, constuction, distribution companies

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I. Plant Factories in Japan
Definition, characteristics, market trends, solar lighting, artificial lighting, glass house, technologies, costs, regulations, governmental measures, production amount, automation, environmental control device and cultivation data
II. Plant Factories in Netherlands
Overview, definition, characteristics, industry sectors, exports, technologies, facility, production amount, factory size, manufacturing cost, initial cost, energy cost, water cost, major players (management, construction, distribution), construction consultant, breed improvement, standardization, financial institution, mergers and acquisitions, advanced factory, industrial cluster, culture consultant, profitability, distribution structure, research and development, university, research institution, government
III. Case Study of Leading Netherlands Companies
1. Tomato by Greeno
2. Strawberry by Jong Fruit B.V.
3. House by Van der Hoeven Greenhousebuilders B.V.
4. Control system by Priva
5. Distribution by The Greenery B.V.
IV. Differences between Japan and Netherlands
Land, climate, region, location conditions, factory types, breed types, culture methods, production amount, factory size, facility, technology, cost, issues and challenges, distribution, sales channel, market price, industry structure, environmental device, house maker, construction consulting
V. Market Outlook of Plant Factories
Selection and screening, becoming larger, technology competition, diversified sectors, a variety of production items, including fruits, rare crops and pharmaceutical ingredients, global development of factories, outflow of human resources and technologies to outside the country, insufficient human resources, energy management, automation, distribution, retail market, recognition of plant factory, insufficient lands, environmental regulations and governmental measures, conditions for market expansion, marketing strategies, construction location, completely artificial lighting, information sharing, accurate market forecast and production planning, manufacturing cost, energy saving,
automation, branding, stable purchase order and pricing, business strategies, agricultural consulting, environmental control system and data, Japanese original low-cost house, automation robot, overseas development, industrial cluster, promotion of exports, research and development, future perspective, solar lighting and artificial lighting, market size forecast

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130,000 yen ($1,199.48)
(excluding consumption tax)
260,000 yen ($2,398.97)
(excluding consumption tax)
390,000 yen ($3,598.45)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 108.38 yen , 2021/03/08 Japan)