Personal Healthcare Service Market in Japan: Key Research Findings 2023

With Plans of Developing Treatment Apps, Personal Healthcare Services Started Showing Wider Coverage from Healthcare Domain to Medical Domain

Yano Research Institute (the President, Takashi Mizukoshi) carried out a survey on the domestic personal healthcare service market and found out the trend by service category, trends of market players, and future perspectives.

Market Overview

Personal Health Record or PHR is defined as “a system for a person to collect, save and utilize his/her own health information, aiming to maintain or improve her/his own living qualities.” The terminus for PHR is to consolidate the management of a person's health records throughout his/her life, including the health, medical and long-term care records. As for PHR for individuals, simple versions offered free of charge as a smartphone application are widespread. There also are some of paid PHR, such as those services provided by specialists, those that provide customized information, or those packaged ones that contain multiple healthcare services.

In recent years, there observed are those PHR service providers for individuals pressing ahead with clinical research for the purpose to develop business of medicine by co-studying with various universities and co-developing therapeutic apps. Those cases of PHR services provided seamlessly through a smartphone from the healthcare domain to the medical domain are likely to keep on expanding.

Noteworthy Topics

Attention to New Business Development at Uninsured (Paid) Rehabilitation Service Providers through Collaboration

Against a backdrop of aging society, rehabilitation aiming at early recovery (to the society) from various diseases has been in the limelight. While there is rehabilitation covered by health insurance or by long-term care insurance, it has the challenges in quality and quantity, as it is capped by the number of days calculated by the type of disorder. So come those businesses offering paid (uninsured) rehabilitation services.

Such services are mainly offered to individuals, but those for corporations have become brisk in recent years. From before, the service providers of paid rehabilitation have collaborated with other companies to offer the services to other enterprises, and such a tendency has accelerated as the corona crisis is subsiding. With the companies to collaborate vary, such as paid long-term care service providers, luxury hotels, residences for the elderly, companies providing health & productivity management services, insurance companies, etc., it is attracting attention as new business development.

These services for corporations in some cases require various levels according to customer needs, from online rehabilitation for slight injury or for general purposes to more profound store-type offerings including one-on-one. These kinds of paid B2B rehabilitation services are expected to expand furthermore.  

Future Outlook

The personal healthcare service market can be categorized into the following three: Health information management services, smartphone apps for disease management and prevention, and other healthcare services.

The billings for either service geared to individuals account for a small percentage, as the service providers have propelled monetization targeting companies, medical institutions, and local governments. In addition, clinical research is underway, aiming at the development of treatment apps (to be approved as medical equipment and covered by insurance) through digital therapeutics (DTx), which gathers attention as a new way of monetization. Due to high interests in preventive medicine backed by progressive aging society, many personal healthcare services are projected to expand.

Research Outline

1.Research Period: April to June 2023
2.Research Object: Personal healthcare service providers, etc.
3.Research Methogology: Face-to-face interviews by expert researchers (including online), and literature research

About Personal Healthcare Service Market

The personal healthcare service market in this research refers to the markets of the following three categories: 1) Health information management services (PHR [Personal Health Record], women-related PHR services, and electronic prescribed-drug handbook, 2) Smartphone applications for disease management and prevention (i.e., apps for managing lifestyle diseases, mental healthcare, and other diseases), and 3) Other healthcare services (rehabilitation services paid by patients themselves (uninsured), healthy smart home, etc.) Note that the market sizes for electronic prescribed-drug handbook, apps for other diseases, and healthy smart home have not been calculated.

<Products and Services in the Market>

PHR [Personal Health Record], women-related PHR services, electronic prescribed-drug handbook, apps for managing lifestyle diseases, apps for mental healthcare, apps for dermatology domain (including atopic dermatitis), apps for dementia domain, apps for cancer domain, rehabilitation services paid by patients themselves (uninsured), healthy smart home, etc.

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