Video Content Business in Japan: Key Research Findings 2022

Video Content Business (as a total of 5 Major Markets) for FY2022 Forecasted to Grow to 109.3% YoY to 820,000 Million Yen

Yano Research Institute (the President, Takashi Mizukoshi) has conducted a survey on the domestic market of video content business, and found out the current situation, the market trends by major segment, and future perspectives.

Transition of Video Content Business Market Size (as a Total of 5 Major Markets)
Transition of Video Content Business Market Size (as a Total of 5 Major Markets)
Transition of Video Streaming Platform Market Size
Transition of Video Streaming Platform Market Size

Market Overview

Size of the video content business market (as a total of 5 major markets) for FY2021 is valued at 750,000 million yen, 108.4% of that of the previous fiscal year. Stable growth in recent years attributes to the penetration of smartphones and tablet computers that enabled users to watch videos anywhere; the devices improved convenience of users drastically. 

The most significant factor that contributed to the expansion of the market in FY2021 is the revival of video production services and anime production vendors, which returned to normal operation by adopting telework systems. Demand is boosted by the recovery of production activities, which were stagnated or delayed due to the coronavirus crisis.

Moreover, as is the case with video production services, sales of video editing software that has been growing steadily in the last couple of years. Video editing software for learners became popular among students in elementary school to university. Needs for editing software became notable among young people that aims to become a creator, while demand for editing educational video content increased. 


Noteworthy Topics

Demand for Video Streaming Platform Grows in Education Industry

Video streaming platform in this research indicates pay-per-view video streaming platform for enterprises, which enables a large number of users to view their videos. Such platforms are adopted mostly for the purpose of sharing content internally and externally, including marketing videos and training videos, as well as for the development of video sales site (rather than building from scratch). By using platforms, not only the company can embed videos to a designated website, but also control viewer access.

The market size of video streaming platform for FY2021 is valued at 53,000 million yen, 108.2% of that of the preceding fiscal year. Underpinned by a trend of companies providing exclusive access to their users, registered members, and employees, the demand for pay-per-view video streaming service is expanding year by year. While the demand for video streaming grew in various industries, a sector that made inquiries the most in FY2021 was education industry. In detail, demand related to education, such as linking videos to e-learning websites and providing internal employee training, are on the rise.


Future Outlook

Video content business in Japan (as a total of 5 major markets) is forecasted to grow to 109.3% of the previous fiscal year to 820,000 million yen for FY2022, based on the sales at businesses. 

Recent increase of social media where video viewing is available has accelerated the replacement of still images with videos in timelines and advertisements on social media. Meanwhile, as in-person activities have become difficult due to the spread of coronavirus, companies are actively investing in communications using video content for corporate advertising, sales promotion, investor relations, and shareholders' meetings. Increased use of video content by companies have intensified competition among video content production vendors. Under the circumstances, video production service providers are required to offer high-quality and reasonably priced services.


Research Outline

1.Research Period: March to May 2022
2.Research Object: Video content businesses (service providers, vendors, manufacturers), related businesses, related associations, etc.
3.Research Methogology: Face-to-face interviews by our expert researchers (including online interviews), survey by telephone/email, and literature research

What is the Video Content Business?

In this research, the video content business refers to 5 major categories: 1) video production services, 2) video editing software, 3) video streaming platforms, 4) video streaming apps, and 5) anime production. Size of the market as a whole is calculated as the sum of these markets. Here are the definitions of the five markets:

1. Video production services indicate B2B video production services, which create videos such as product presentation videos and seminar videos to be used by enterprises internally and externally.
2. Video editing software refers to computer applications used for creating/editing digital videos.
3. Video streaming platforms indicate pay-per-view platforms for enterprises, which enable a number of users to view videos concurrently (free video streaming platforms are excluded from the target of this research).
4. Video streaming apps refer to paid subscription services that allow users to view videos online without having to download them (livestreaming).
5. Anime production refers to creation of anime, and the sales of anime production vendors include licensing fees if it owns proprietary anime content.

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