Redesigned Website

We are pleased to announce that Yano Research Institute Ltd. (YANO) has redesigned our English website, launched on February 20, 2019. Through this newly designed website we intend to deliver new types of information and messages that include "This Week's Focus", a concise but sharp analysis on the latest hot topics by our representative, descriptions about/introduction of key trends in featured industries, and the list of "Upcoming Reports" to name a few. These reports and information are sure to contribute to our existing and potential customers, all marketers, and corporate executives throughout the world.

In tandem with this launch of the redesigned English website, we are to start sending messages via SNS media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, now that they are essential tools for the business persons to gain and send up-to-date business and other information.

We welcome any kinds of inquiries and feedbacks regarding the new website and any of our products and services which may be helpful for your current and future business.