Our Mission

Contributing to the growth of the Japanese industry by our research ability

By using our advanced research capabilities and unique business planning, we are willing to support healthy growth of our clients. Our research would eventually contribute to help invigorate the economy not only in Japan but also in the world.

Yano Research Institute ltd. believes that our contribution to successful business at our clients would eventually leads to wellbeing of the society.

Corporate Profile

Yano Research Institute Ltd.

Founded in
March, 1958
Takashi Mizukoshi
2-46-2 Honcho, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164-8620, Japan


Founded as Yano Management Research Institute Ltd. by Masao Yano in1958
Branch Office in Osaka has opened.
Renamed as "Yano Research Institute Ltd."
Branch Office in Nagoya has opened.
Issue of "Yano Report" has started
Issue of "Market Share in Japan" has started
Branch office in Seoul, South Korea has opened.
Branch office in Shanghai, China has opened.
Yano Research Institute Shanghai Ltd. founded.
Branch Office in Taipei has opened.
Capital alliance with Kyodo News Group has been formed.

Message from CEO

President?@Takashi Mizukoshi Since our foundation in 1958, Yano Research Institute (YANO) has been a pioneer of market researches and has grown in association with the development of Japanese economy. Our vast information accumulated over the decades has started from understanding a client's business activities regardless of the industry, whether it is electronics, environment, energy, chemical materials, medical welfare, residential building materials, food, automobiles, IT, biotechnologies, fashion, sports, leisure, education, distributions, services, and more. The reason why the information provided and the strategies proposed to the clients have gained confidence at where clients make decisions is because Yano sees the dynamism of ever-changing markets from the view point of each single company operating in the industries. YANO is a market research company that places importance on being site-oriented (or emphasizing the value of primary information obtained directly from key industry players mostly through face-to-face interviews), eliminating mere theory.

Our philosophy "To participate in the Japanese industries by exerting our research ability" has been clearly inherited up until now. Being proud to be a pioneer in Japan, YANO has focused on keeping itself neutral and objectivity of the information provided.

YANO has endeavored to enhance the network of industrial research as well as in the consumer survey to build advanced infrastructure to collect information and to develop analytic technologies.

On the other hand, YANO has built the bases in Asia. Asia is likely to become more important in the global economy. As a total research institution representing Asia, Yano Research Institute aims to live up to our clients' expectations.

Based on our core competence that has developed by being a total research institute, YANO now challenges to explore the consulting business. We take pride in our advanced knowhow in researches, vast amount of information, network with over 60 thousand companies, and strong trusted relationship with industries, all of which are our business resources and company values that have been developed throughout our research activities for over half a century.

By using such unique company values, we are willing to help companies in various ways including supporting ventures, exploring sales channels, M&A, measuring business values, new business development, supporting business revitalization, give advice on overseas business development, consultation for business activities at clients, and more.

As an unparalleled business solution provider based on advanced research abilities, we would like to contribute to wealthy futures of our clients.

The President, Takashi Mizukoshi



Nakanosakaue Central Bldg.,
2-46-2 Honcho, Nakano-ku, Tokyo, 164-8620 JAPAN

One-minute walk from Nakanosakaue Station on the Marunouchi Subway Line and
O-Edo Tokyo Metropolitan Subway Line
(Reception desk on the 6th floor/YDB on the 5th floor)

Osaka Branch

5F, Daiei Bldg.,
1-8-6 Azuchi-machi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi,
Osaka, 541-0052 JAPAN

Ten-minute walk from Hommachi Station on the Midosuji Subway Line
Three-minute walk from Sakaisuji Hommachi Station on the Sakaisuji Line

Nagoya Branch

3F, YWCA Bldg,
2-3 Shinsakae-machi, Naka-ku,
Nagoya-shi, Aichi 460-0004 JAPAN

Two-minute walk from Exit 5, Sakae Station on the Higashiyama Subway Line

Yano Research Institute Shanghai Ltd. / Shanghai Office

Room 1609,1038 Nanjing Xi Road,shanghai 200041,CHINA

Six-minutes walk from Exit No.1 of Nanjing Xi Road Station on the No.2 Subway line

Seoul Branch

(Leema Bldg. #402),42,Jongro 1-gil, Jongno-gu,Seoul, Korea

Five-minute walk from Gwanghwamun Station(Subway Line No.5)

Taiwan Office

3F, No. 15, Section 1, Nanjing E. Rd., Zhongshan District, Taipei, 104010, Taiwan