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Employee Training Service Market in Japan: Key Research Findings 2017


Research Outline

Yano Research Institute has conducted a study on the domestic employee training service market with the following conditions:
  1. Research period: From April to June, 2017
  2. Research target: Employee training services providers, user companies and organizations adopting employee training services
  3. Research methodologies: Face-to-face interviews by the expert researchers, surveys via telephone/email, and literature research


<What are Employee Training Services?>

The employee training services in this research indicate those training and education courses provided by external companies as a kind of service, so that no in-house training and education to the employees are included. Note that those training service providers which are subsidiaries of a company group providing training and education services to parent company and other companies within the group are included.

Summary of Research Findings

  • Employee Training Service Market in FY2016 Expanded by 2.2% on Y-o-Y Basis to Attain 508.0 Billion Yen

The employee training service market in FY2016 based on the sales of the businesses rose by 2.2% from the previous fiscal year to attain 508.0 billion yen.  In addition to favorable demand of educating the newly-employed, some enterprises that have hired increasing number of new graduates are also enthusiastic about providing training and educations to young employees expected to instruct new hires, and to those who take the leading positions.  On the other hand, since the demands to train new hires had concentrated in a certain period of time, it brought about lack of training facilities and trainers.  Therefore, not a few training service providers were able to satisfy every demand and had to cancel the service orders accordingly.


  • e-Learning Training Services by Large Training Service Providers On the Rise

Some large training service providers that had focused on and had expanded providing services through e-learning have started increasing the numbers of trainees and user companies of such curriculum, which contributed to favorable sales performance. One of the reasons is being successful in acquiring customers of medium-sized enterprises and SMEs recently showing enthusiasm in manpower training and employee education.  It is because training services using e-learning have become an effective method for those companies unable to gather employees to one place, e.g., those service providers operating local shops, such companies that have developed offices nationwide, and those that have bases in multiple local areas.


  • Figure 1. Transition and Forecast of Employee Training Service Market Size

Published Report

Report Title: Employee Training Service Market 2017

*The information provided in the "Research Summary" is what is as of the date of announcement and could be altered or renewed without any prior notice.

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