Soil Breeding and Fertilizer Market 2020

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Soil Breeding, Soil Improvement Agents and Fertilizers

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Manufacturers, Suppliers, Developers

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I    Trends in Soil Breeding, Soil Improvement Agent and Fertilizers

1. Current status of the domestic agriculture
2. Fertilizer Policy by MAFF
3. State of Soil Breeding at National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations (Zen-Noh)
4. Nation-wide Growth of Compost Market
5. Direction of Fertilizer Industry over Marine Micro-Plastic Issues
6. Smart Agriculture Technologies Prevails in Soil Improvement
7. Noteworthy Start-Up Company: MUSCA Inc.

II   Market Analysis and Future Outlook

1. Soil Breeding and Soil Improvement Agent Market
i. Total Market of Soil Breeding and Soil Improvement Agents
ii. Soil Breeding for Rice
iii. Soil Breeding for Horticulture
iv. Soil Breeding for Home Gardening
v. Soil Improvement Agents for Greenery Activities
vi. Micro-Organic Soil Improvement Agents
vii. Government-Ordinance-Designated Soil Improvement Agents (except for Vesicular-Carbuncular Mycorrhiza)
2. Fertilizer Market
i. Trends in Fertilizers Industry
ii. Total Fertilizer Market
iii. Compound Chemical Fertilizer Market
iv. Mixed Fertilizer Market
v. Organic Fertilizer Market
vi. Single Fertilizer Market
vii. Other Fertilizer Market (liquid fertilizers, coating fertilizers, paste fertilizers, and plant vitalizers)

III   Expanding Feed Market with Eco-Feed

1. Total Feed Market
2. Eco-Feed Market

IV   Trends of Leading Market Players

29 enterprises

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130,000 yen ($1,174.35)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 110.7 yen , 2020/02/25 Japan)