Singles Market 2019

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Services and products for Singles

Research Target:

Restaurants and diners, ready-to-eat-food stores and delicatessens, housing agencies, travel agencies, hotels and Japanese inns, Karaoke stores, amusement parks and theme parks, futsal teams, marriage match makers, death preparation service providers, figure stores, toy stores, self-service gas stations, laundromats, self-checkout introduced stores, self-pleasure service providers

Research Content:

I   Outline

  1. Singles Market Environment
  • Structural Reasons of Explosive Growth Expected for Singles/Solo Market
  • Average age of marriage has become higher year by year
  • The number of couples to get married drastically decreased, together with the number of divorcing couples
  • Total fertility rates have been on the decline
  • the number of single-person households continues expanding, occupying 27% of the entire households
  • The rate of elderly single-person households has come to be 12.4% of the entire households
  • The rate of unmarried men in their early 40s accounts for 30%, even the rate of unmarried men in their early 50s accounts for 20%
  1. Entire Trends of Singles Market
  1. Definition of the singles market
  2. Transition of the singles market size
  3. The rate of the singles by category
  4. The comparative analysis with the consumer survey on the singles
  5. Future perspectives of the singles market

II   Noteworthy Case Studies

  1. General Incorporated Foundation hitoritohitori
  2. Chinese Singles' Day, an overwhelming consumption seen in a single day
  3. TENGA, sexual support for the singles

III   Market Trends by Category

  1. Solo Dining Market
  2. Solo Ready-to-Eat Food and Delicatessen Market
  3. Rental Housing Market for Singles
  4. Solo Travelling Market
  5. Hotels and Japanese Style Inns Market for Singles
  6. Solo Karaoke Market
  7. Amusement Parks and Theme Parks Market for Singles
  8. Solo Futsal Market (Futsal that can participate in the team individually)
  9. Marriage Hunting Market
  10. Death Preparation Market for Oneself
  11. Figure Market
  12. Jigsaw Puzzle Market
  13. Self-Service Gas Station Market
  14. Laundromat Market
  15. Self-Checkout Market
  16. Self Pleasure (Adult Goods) Market

IV   Consumer Survey regarding Singles and Solo

  1. Survey Outline
  • Objectives, Period, Method, Objects, Respondent Attributes of the Survey
  1. Survey Results
  1. Impression or images of the word "Singles"
  2. Characters, Characteristics, Lifestyles, Hobbies and Liking of Singles
  3. Consumption Trends by Singles or Going Solo
  4. Objectives of Using Restaurants other than solo-dining

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150,000 yen ($1,344.21)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 111.59 yen , 2020/02/22 Japan)