Market Share in Japan 2010 (Book and CD-ROM, Japanese Edition)

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Manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, retailers in the subject fields

Research Content:

This comprehensive marketing data resource covers market size up to 5 years and market share comparison for the latest 2 years per item. Market analysis on the major and/or promising market sectors are provided by Yano’s experienced researchers. English edition of this book will also be available as "Market Share in Japan 2010 (English Edition)," which will be published (book only) in July 2010.
Market Share Data Coverage:
1. Energy and Metals
Electric Light in Quantity
Electric Light in Value
Power in Quantity
Power in Value
          Iron and Steel
Pig Iron
Crude Steel
Standard Crude Steel (Rolling Ingot)
Special Crude Steel (Rolling Ingot)
Forging Steel Ingot
Heavy Rail
Light Rail
Steel Sheet Pile
Large-sized Section Steel
Small and Medium-sized Section Steel
Large-sized Steel Bar
Medium-sized Steel Bar
Small-sized Steel Bar
General Wire Rod
Low Carbon Wire Rod
High Carbon Wire Rod
Pipe Section
Thick Steel Plate
Thin and Medium Steel Plate
Cold-rolled Steel Sheet
Cold-rolled Wide Steel
Cold-rolled Narrow Steel
Cold-rolled Electrical Steel
Galvanized Steel Sheet
Regular Steel Hot-rolled Pipe
Special Steel Hot-rolled Pipe
2. General Machinery
          Machine Tools
NC Lathe
Machining Center
NC Milling Machine
NC Cylindrical Grinder
NC Surface Grinder
NC Electric Discharge Machine (Total)
NC Wirecut Electric Discharge Machine
NC Die Sinking Electric Discharge Machine
          Electric Tools
Special Steel Cutting Tool
Hard Metal Tool
Diamond Tool
Pneumatic Tool
Electric Tool (Total)
Electric Drill
Electric Saw
Electric Grinder
Other Electric Tool
          Metal Processing Machinery
Hydraulic Press
Mechanical Press
Shearing Machine
Foundry Equipment
Die Casting Machine
          Plastic Processing Machinery
Injection Molding Machine
Extrusion Molding Machine and Peripheral
          Conveying Machinery
Crane (Total)
Overhead Traveling Crane
PortalBridge Crane
Jib Crane
Winch (Total)
Other Winch
Chain Block
Conveyor (Total)
Belt Conveyor
Chain Conveyor
Roller Conveyor
Forklift Truck
Industrial Robot (Total)
Vertical Articulated Robot
Peripheral Component for Robot
          Transportation and Carriage Systems
Multi-tiered Automatic Warehouse
Automatic Classification System
Picking System
Unmanned Carrier
Electric Mobile Rack
Rotary Rack
          Construction Equipment
Bulldozer (Total)
Bulldozer (under 10 tons)
Bulldozer (10 tons and over)
Shovel Truck
Excavator (Total)
Hydraulic Shovel Excavator
Truck Crane
Rough Terrain Crane
Crawler Crane
Leveling Machine (Total)
Asphalt Paver
Concrete Machine
Basic Construction Machine
Drilling and Boring Machine
          Boilers and Generators
Gasoline Engine
Diesel Engine
Steam Turbine
Centrifugal Pump
Axial and Mixed Flow Pump
Rotary Pump
Submergible Pump
          Hydraulic Machinery
Hydraulic Pump (Total)
Gear Hydraulic Pump
Vane Hydraulic Pump
Piston Hydraulic Pump
Hydraulic Motor
Hydraulic Cylinder
Hydraulic Valve
          Freezers and Air Conditioners
Freezer (Total)
General Air-conditioning Freezer
Single-packaged Air Conditioner
Window and Wall Air Conditioner
Separate Air Conditioner
Air Conditioner for Transport Machine
          Agricultural Machinery
Rice Planting Machine
Wheel Tractor
Power Tiller and Cultivator
Managing Machinery and Implement
Rice Husker
Agricultural Drier
          Sewing Machines
Sewing Machine (GrandTotal)
Home Sewing Machine (Total)
Programmable Sewing Machine
Industrial Sewing Machine (Total)
          Textile Machinery
Chemical Fiber Machine
Spinning Machine
Preparatory Machine (Total)
Winding Machine
Other Preparatory Machine
Knitting Machine
Bleaching and Finishing Machine
          Pollution Prevention
Air Pollution Prevention System (Total)
Dust Collecting System
Heavy and Gas Oil Desulfurizer
Exhaust Gas Desulfurizer
Exhaust Gas Denitrator
Exhaust Gas Treatment System
Water Pollution Prevention System (Total)
Industrial Waste Water Treatment System
Sewage Treatment System
Human-waste Treatment System
Sludge Treatment System
Marine Pollution Prevention System
Garbage Disposal System (Total)
Municipal Refuse Treatment System
Industrial Waste Treatment Equipment
Noise Prevention System
          Vending Machines
Beverage Vending Machine
Cigarette Vending Machine
Ticket Vending Machine
Automatic Ticket Checker
          Printing Machinery
Printing Machine (Total)
Book Binding Machine
          Food Processing Machinery
Grain Processing Machine (Total)
Rice Polishing Machine
Flour Milling Machine
Noodle Machine
Bread and Cake Baking Machine
Milk Processing Machine
Meat and Fish Processing Machine
Beverage Manufacturing Machine
          Packaging Machinery
Consumer Packing Machine (Total)
Form-fill-sealing Machine
Overwrapping Machine
Cartoning Machine
Vacuum Packaging Machine
Shrink Wrapping Machine
Canning Machine
Bottling Machine
Packing Machine (Total)
Band Strapping Machine
Case Forming Machine
String Packing Machine
Bearing (Grand Total)
Ball Bearing (Total)
Radial Ball Bearing
Thrust Ball Bearing
Other Ball Bearing
Roller Bearing (Total)
Cylindrical Roller Bearing
Tapered Roller Bearing
Spherical Roller Bearing
Needle Roller Bearing
Bearing Unit
3. Vehicles
          Four-wheel Vehicles
Automobile (Grand Total)
Passenger Car (Total)
Automobile (More than 2000 cc)
Automobile (661 - 2000 cc)
Automobile (660 cc and under)
Truck (Total)
Standard Gasoline Truck
Standard Diesel Truck
Small Gasoline Truck
Small Diesel Truck
Light Gasoline Truck
Bus (Total)
Large Bus (30 seats and over)
Small Bus (29 seats and under)
Four-wheel Vehicle Export
          Two-wheel Vehicles
Motorcycle (Total)
Motorcycle (50 cc and under)
Motorcycle (51 - 125 cc)
Motorcycle (126 - 250 cc)
Motorcycle (251 cc and over)
Motorcycle Export
4. Precision Machinery
          Cameras and Films
Camera Accessory (Stroboscope, Tripod, Filter)
Interchangeable Camera Lens
Photographic Film (Total)
          Watches and Clocks
Wrist Watch (Grand Total, Incl. Export)
Wrist Watch (Grand Total, Excl. Export)
Men's Watch (Total)
Men's Mechanical Watch
Men's Quartz Watch (Analog, Digital)
Men's Quartz Watch (Digital)
Women's Watch (Total)
Women's Mechanical Watch
Women's Quartz Watch (Analog, Digital)
Women's Quartz Watch (Digital)
Clock (Grand Total, Incl. Export)
Clock (Grand Total, Excl. Export)
Table Clock, Alarm Clock and Wall Clock
Instrument Panel Clock
          Measuring Instruments and Analyzers
Industrial Measuring Instrument
Precision Measuring Instrument
Analyzer (Total)
Photometric Analyzer
Electro Magnetic Analyzer
Chromatography System, Separator and Distiller
Gas Meter
Water Meter
          Medical Devices
X-ray Computed Tomography (CT) Scanner
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Scanner
Angiographic System
Ultrasound Imaging Equipment (Total)
Ultrasound Imaging Equipment (Middle to Low-end)
Ultrasound Imaging Equipment (High-end)
General Anesthetic Equipment
Electric Scalpel
Ultrasonic Aspirator
Ultrasonic Coagulating Cutter
Ultrasound Imaging System
Magnetoencephalograph (MEG)
5. Information Technology
          Drives and Disks
Hard Disk Drive (HDD) (Total)
HDD (3.5")
HDD (2.5" and under)
Hard Disk (HD) (Total)
HD (3.5")
HD (2.5" and under)
          Drives and Disks
Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
Serial Impact Dot Printer
Ink Jet Printer
Line Impact Dot Printer
Low and Medium-speed Page Printer
High-speed Page Printer
Flatbed Pen Plotter
Grit-rolling Pen Plotter
Electrophotographic Raster Plotter
Inkjet Raster Plotter
          Office Equipment
Digital Photocopier (Grand Total)
Digital Color Photocopier (Single-function)
Digital Monochrome Photocopier (Single-function)
Digital Color Photocopier (MFP)
Digital Monochrome Photocopier (MFP)
Cash Register
6. Electrical Machinery
          Electrical Machinery and Equipment
DC Generator and Motor
AC Generator (Total)
Water Mill and Other AC Generator
General Purpose Turbine Generator
General Purpose Engine Generator
Electric Motor (Grand Total)
AC Electric Motor (Total)
Single Phase Induction Motor
General Purpose Three Phase Induction Motor
Individual Purpose Three Phase Induction Motor
Transformer (Total)
Power Distribution Transformer
Power Transformer
Special Purpose Transformer
Meter Transformer
Power Converter (Total)
Low Voltage Switch and Controller (Total)
High Voltage Switch
Low Voltage Circuit Breaker (Total)
High Voltage Circuit Breaker (Total)
Vacuum Circuit Breaker
Gas Circuit Breaker
          Household Appliances
Electric Refrigerator (Grand Total)
Electric Refrigerator (401 liter and over)
Electric Refrigerator (301 - 400 liter)
Electric Refrigerator (141 - 300 liter)
Electric Refrigerator (140 liter and under)
Washing Machine (Grand Total)
Full Automatic Washing Machine (Total)
Full Automatic Washing Machine (6 kg and over)
Full Automatic Washing Machine (under 6 kg)
Dual Drum Washing Machine
Microwave Oven (Total)
Single-function Microwave Oven
Multi-function Microwave Oven
          Audio Visual Equipment
Color Television (Total)
Plasma Display Television
Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Color Television
Table-top Color VTR
Video Camera
Digital Video Disc (DVD) -- Video
Broadcasting Satellite (BS/CS) Antenna
Communication Satellite (CS) Digital Tuner
CD Radio Cassette Player
Stereo Set
Compact Disc (CD) Player (Total)
Mini Disc (MD) Player
Car Stereo
Car CD Player
Car Navigation System
Audio and Video Magnetic Recording Tape
Mobile Phone
          Semiconductor Devices
Discrete Semiconductor (Total)
Integrated Circuit
Bipolar Digital IC
Bipolar Linear IC
MOS Microcomputer (MPU, MCU)
MOS Logic
MOS Memory IC
CCD and CMOS Sensor
          Electronic Devices
Aluminum Capacitor
Tantalum Capacitor
Film Capacitor
Ceramic Capacitor
Metallic Film Fixed Resistor
Chip Fixed Resistor
Variable Resister
Keyboard Switch
Switching Power Supply
Operation Switch
Transformer and Coil
7. Housing and Housing Materials
          Housing Materials
Gypsum Board
Fiber Cement Slate
Ceramic Siding
Extrusion Molding Cement Board (Thick)
Glass Wool
Rock Wool
Extrusion Foam Polystyrene
Metal Siding
PVC Floor Material
Resin Sash
          Home Hardware
Bathroom Sink
Stainless Steel Bathtub
Bath Unit
System Kitchen
Toilet Seat with Bottom-washer Function
Gas Water Heater with End Stop System
Bath Tub with Gas Hot Water Supplier
Gas Hot Water Supplier Heater
Eco Will
Eco Cute
Gas Stove
Built-in Stove
IH Cooking Heater
Garbage Disposer
Dish Washer
8. Chemicals and Plastics
Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE)
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Polypropylene (PP)
Polystyrene (GP, HI)
Methyl Methacrylate (MMA)
          Engineering Plastics
Polyacetal (POM)
Polycarbonate (PC)
Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT)
Modified PPE and PPO
Polyamide 6
Polyamide 66
Liquid Crystal Polymer
Reinforced PET
Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS)
          Plastic Products
Oriented Polypropylene (OPP) Film
Cast Polypropylene (CPP) Film
PET Film
PI Film
PP Filler Sheet
PSP Sheet
PSP Container
PET Bottle
PP Filler Container
PP Foam Container
OPS Container
Ethylthiometon Granule
PAP Powder
DEP Powder
MPP Granule
MEP Powder
Diazinon Granule
ECP Powder
Machine Oil Emulsion
NAC Granule
Acephate Granule
Metaldehyde Granule
Ethofenprox Powder DL
Tefluthrin Granule
Silafluofen Powder DL
Dinotefuran Granule
IBP Granule
EDDP Powder
Lime Sulfur Mixture
Isoprothiolane Granule
Kasugamycin and Fthalide Powder DL
Thiophanatemethyl Powder
Dazomet Granule Powder
BPMC, MPP and EDDP Powder DL
Cartap and Pencycuron Powder DL
Fipronil Probenazole Granule
Simetryne, Molinate and MCPB Granule
Diflufenican and Trifluralin Emulsion
Bispyribac Sodium Liquid
Benthiocarb Emulsion
Simetryne and Molinate Granule
Chlorate Water Soluble
Chlorate Granule
Glyphosate Isopropylammonium Liquid
Bentazone Granule
Sodium Fluoroacetate Granule
Thallium Granule
Zinc Phosphide Granule
Calcium Oxide
Agrochemical Export
Agrochemical Import
9. Rubber and Leather
Automobile Tire
Conveyor Belt
Geared Belt
Rubber Hose
          Leather Shoes
Men's Leather Shoes
Women's and Children's Leather Shoes
10. Foods and Beverages
          Processed Foods
          Dairy Products
Cream Portion
Fresh Cream
Ice Cream
Instant Cream Powder
          Processed Foods
Fish Ham and Sausage
Kamaboko (Boiled Fish Paste)
Age-kamaboko (Fried Fish Paste)
Chikuwa (Baked Fish Paste)
Fumi-kamaboko (Imitation Crab or Seafood)
Smoked Salmon
Karashi Mentaiko (Spicy Cod Roe)
Kako Nori (Dried Seaweed)
Dried Bonito Flake
Japanese Pickle
Natto (Steamed Fermented Soybean)
Nimame (Cooked Bean)
Kori Dofu (Freeze-dried Tofu)
Cooked Nametake Mushroom
Refined Sugar (Total)
          Bread and Pastas
Raw Noodle
Dry Noodle
Individually Wrapped Rice Cake
          Instant Foods
Instant Packet Noodle
Instant Cup Noodle
Instant Miso Soup
Instant Osuimono Clear Soup
Instant Soup
Instant Ochazuke (Rice Broth) Mix
Furikake (Rice Seasoning) Mix
Instant Sushi Seasoning Mix
Instant Spicy Ma Po Sauce
Instant Curry
Retort Pouched Curry
Instant Dessert
Instant Microwavable Food
          Canned Foods and Bottled Foods
Canned Seafood
Canned Meat
Canned Corned Beef
Bottled Nori Tsukudani (Seaweed Paste)
Shiokara (Salt-fermented Fish Gut)
Biscuit and Cookie
Rice Cracker
Bean Snack
Chewing Gum
Candy and Caramel
Western Sweets
Japanese Sweets
Dessert (Yogurt, Pudding, Other)
          Alcoholic Beverages
Sake (Rice Wine)
Multiple Distilled Shochu (Spirit)
Single Distilled Shochu (Spirit)
Happoshu (Sparkling Low-malt Liquor)
          Coffee and Tea
Instant Coffee
Regular Coffee
Black Tea (Leaf, Bag)
Green Tea
Mugicha (Barley Tea)
          Soft Drinks
Other Carbonated Beverage
Natural Fruit Juice (100% Fresh)
Fruit Drink (below 100% Fresh)
Coffee Drink
Concentrated Milk Drink (Plain, Fruit-flavored)
Vegetable Juice
Oolong Tea
Green Tea Drink
Black Tea Drink
Sports Drink
Nutrition Drink
Mineral Water
Lactic Beverage
Cooking Oil
Olive Oil
Sesame Oil
Miso (Fermented Soybean Paste)
Soy Sauce
Tomato Product
Liquid Dressing
Rice Cooking Wine-like Syrup
Nucleotide Seasoning
Dry Flavor Seasoning
Liquid Flavor Seasoning
Korean Barbecue Sauce
Men-tsuyu (Noodle Dipping Sauce)
Nabe-tsuyu (Stew-pot Base Soup)
Ponzu (Seasoned Vinegar Dressing)
Consomme and Bouillon
          Frozen Foods
Frozen Food
          Health Foods
Yeast Food
Vitamin C
11. Apparel
Synthetic Fiber and Spinning
Women's Clothing
Women's Underwear
Men's Clothing
Babies' and Children's Clothing
Cloth Shirt
Sports and Athletic Wear
Work Uniform
School Uniform
Kimono Fabric
12. Papers and Magazines
Roll of Newsprint
          Printing and Communication Papers
Non-coated Printing Paper
Wood-free Printing Paper (High Grade)
Wood-containing Printing Paper (Medium Grade)
Wood-containing Printing Paper (Low Grade)
Thin Printing Paper
Light-coated Printing Paper
Coated Printing Paper
Art Paper
Coated Paper
Lightweight Coated Paper
Other Coated Printing Paper
Special Printing Paper
Colored Fine Paper
Other Special Printing Paper
Communication Paper
Manifold Base Paper
Photosensitive Paper
Business Form Paper
PPC Paper
Recording Paper
Other Communication Paper
          Wrapping Papers
Wrapping Paper
Unbleached Wrapping Paper
Unglazed Bag Paper
Other Unbleached Wrapping Paper
Bleached Wrapping Paper
Machine Glazed Poster Paper
Bleached Kraft Paper
Other Bleached Wrapping Paper
          Miscellaneous Papers
Sanitary Paper
Miscellaneous Paper
Miscellaneous Industrial Paper
Converting Paper
Electrical Insulating Paper
Glassine Paper
Other Miscellaneous Industrial Paper
          Liner Boards
Kraft Liner Board
Jute Liner Board
Soft Liner Board
Pulp Corrugating Medium
Waste Paper Corrugating Medium
Coated Manila Board
Non-coated Manila Board
Coated White Lined Board
Non-coated White Lined Board
Straw and Chip Board
Color Board
Gypsum Liner Board
Core Paper Board
News Weekly Magazine
Women's Weekly Magazine
Women's Monthly Magazine
General Monthly Magazine
13. Pharmaceuticals
          Prescription Drugs
General Anesthetic
Hypnotic and Sedative
Antiemetic and Antivertigo
Local Anesthetic
Muscle Relaxant
Sensory Organ Drug
Antiarrhythmic Agent
Antihypertensive Agent
Antihyperlipidemic Agent
Miscellaneous Cardiovascular System Drug
Antiulcer Agent
Dermatological Agent
Vitamin B1 Preparation
Vitamin B Preparation
Liver Disease Drug
Antidiabetic Agent
Antibiotic (A)
Antibiotic (B)
Antibiotic (C)
Antibiotic (Other)
Synthetic Antibacterial
X-ray Contrast Media
          OTC Drugs
Cold Remedy
Eye Drop
Antitussive and Expectorant
Rhinitis Remedy
Analgesic (Pain Relief, Antipyretic)
Digestive Agent
Antiflatuent and Antidiarrheal
Constipation Relief
Hemorrhoid Treatment
Skin Disinfectant
Athlete's Foot Remedy
Dermatological Agent
Mouth Antiseptic (Tablet, Troche)
Vitamin Tablet
Energy Health Drink
Calcium Tablet
Muscle Pain Poultice and Plaster
14. Toiletries and Stationeries
Cosmetic Product (Total)
Skin-care Product
Make-up Product
Hair-care Product
Men's Cosmetic Product
Price-maintained Product
Open Distribution Product
Door-to-door Sales Product
Catalog Sales Product
Direct Sales Product
Business Use Product
Cosmetic OEM
          Household and Personal Care
Solid Body Soap
Liquid Body Soap
Hand Soap
Powder Laundry Detergent
Liquid Laundry Detergent
Dish Washing Detergent
Floor and Furniture Cleanser
Sanitary Napkin
Sanitary Tampon
Disposable Baby Diaper
Disposable Adult Diaper
Light Incontinence Product
Paper Towel
General Mask
Bath Agent
Antiperspirant and Deodorant
Home Fragrance
Moth Proofing Agent
Moisture Absorbent
Mechanical Pencil
Ball Point Pen
Felt-tipped Marker
15. Leisure and Education
          Musical Instruments
Electronic Organ
Electronic Toy
Hobby Model
Boys Toy and Boys Character Toy
Hobby Radio Controlled Model
Girls Toy and Girls Character Toy
Analog Game
Stuffed Toy and Doll
Jigsaw Puzzle
Confectionery with Toy
Capsuled Toy
          Sports and Leisure
Golf Goods
Ski Goods
Fishing Goods
Outdoor Goods
Tennis Goods
Swimming Wear and Goods
Baseball and Softball Goods
Snowboard Goods
Marine Sports Goods
Cycle Sports Goods
Table Tennis Goods
Pachinko Machine
Pachislot Machine
Pachinko Hall Computer System
Prize POS System
Automatic Prize Dispenser
Ball Supply Equipment System
Token Supply Equipment System
Machine-side Ball Dispenser
Machine-side Token Dispenser
Security Appliance System
Sound Equipment System
Private Cultural HobbyCenter
Child Education


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150,000 yen ($1,353.91)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 110.79 yen , 2021/09/27 Japan)