Global Micro & Mini LED Display Market: Key Research Findings 2022

Global Mini LED Displays Market Projected to Attain 27,040 Thousand in 2022, 181.7% on YoY

Yano Research Institute (the President, Takashi Mizukoshi) carried out a survey on the global market of microLED and miniLED displays, and found out the market trends by application and future perspectives.

Global Mini LED Display Market Size Forecast
Global Mini LED Display Market Size Forecast

Market Overview

The global market size of mini LED displays is projected to attain 27,040 thousand units in 2022, 181.7%of that of the previous year. Mini LED displays are likely to expand the market from 2022, driven by increasing installation within high-end TVs and Apple’s IT products.

On the other hand, the global market size of micro LED displays is forecasted to attain 55,000 units in 2022. The market size of which is likely to expand from around 2024 when full adoption for SmartWatches is expected, and also when applications expand centered on small devices that can fully utilize the advantages of micro LEDs such as within HMDs (head mount displays) for XR (AR, VR, MR) or within automotive HUDs (head-up displays).

Noteworthy Topics

Shipment Volume of MiniLED Displays for TV backlights Likely to Exceed that of OLED TV Displays Soon

The global market of TVs that adopt mini LED displays is likely to be fully formed in 2022, and to expand the market to 15,420 thousand units by 2023, exceeding that of TVs with OLED displays. Samsung Electronics, the largest company in TV sets, has started expanding the procurement of mini LED displays from 2022, and adoption of mini LED displays at TV set manufacturers in China and Japan is expected to be in full scale from 2023. In the TV market adopting mini LED displays, those mini LED displays that mainly use middle-density mini LED chips with fewer chips are likely to become the mainstream. Due to expansion of this type, rapid growth is projected for the global market of mini LED displays.

Future Outlook

Driven by TV applications, the global mini LED display market is forecasted to expand to 42,840 thousand units by 2029, while expansion is also expected for the global micro LED display market, centered on applications of small displays with the size 5 inches or less. Implementation of micro LED displays to TVs is expected to be full-fledged after 2023, as full-scale sales of huge TVs with micro LED displays installed are expected. At first, such implementation of micro LED displays to TVs is likely to be seen in high-end TVs targeting wealthy consumers, such as 8K TVs and those TVs with 100 inches or larger sizes.

Research Outline

1.Research Period: January to February 2022
2.Research Object: Manufacturers of microLED displays and mini LED displays
3.Research Methogology: Face-to-face interviews (online interviews included) by the specialized researchers, and literature research

What are Mini LED Displays and MicroLED Displays?

Mini LED displays in this research refer to those displays using mini LED chips with the size 100 to 300μm, each of which function as a pixel, or those used as the backlights of LCD. On the other hand, microLED displays refer to those displays that use microLED chips with the size 100μm or less.

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