Long-Term Care ICT Solutions Market in Japan: Key Research Findings 2021

Long-Term Care ICT Solutions Market Expected to Slightly Increase

Yano Research Institute (the President, Takashi Mizukoshi) carried out a survey on the domestic long-term-care ICT solutions market, and disclosed the market size transitions, trend of market players, and future perspectives.

Market Overview

Long-term-care ICT solutions are mainly installed as replacement, with new installations occurring at the opening of new offices or when switching long-term-care solution vendors. The market of long-term-care ICT solution market size in FY2020 is estimated to have generated 22,948 million yen, based on the business sales. As in the previous fiscal year, While COVID-19 infections has affected to slow down the commercial negotiations as well as the installation work, the revisions to the long-term care fees has increased the number of long-term care service providers that deployed ICT solutions for streamlining the tasks by utilizing the subsidies.

Noteworthy Topics

With wider use of long-term care record solutions triggered by subsidies and LIFE, there are cases of changing the long-term care claiming vendors as well as the software into LIFE-supported recording software

To streamline the tasks at long-term care onsite, alleviation of document-related burden has been in progress, centered on simplification, standardization, and digitalization. For preparation of ICT solutions for long-term care service businesses, more businesses have been supported, by using IT-deployment subsidy by METI for aiding expenses for a part of IT tool implementations for SMEs, or by using the “comprehensive fund for ensuring community-based health and long-term care” at each prefecture, offered by the MHLW (Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare). In addition, it seems that “LIFE (Long-term care Information system For Evidence), that started by the FY2021 revisions to the long-term care fees, seems to have made the digitization to be in progress at businesses.

Future Outlook

Due to the influence of coronavirus just like the previous fiscal year, the long-term-care ICT solutions market in FY2021 is projected to face postponement of delivery date relating to the introduction of long-term care solutions and systems, suspension of ICT implementation due to financial difficulty at long-term care service providers. On the other hand, to make up such negative aspects, there have been some investments in digitization for enabling online business negotiations at vendors, utilization of subsidies, and responding to the FY2021 revisions to the long-term care fees, likely to slightly increase the long-term care ICT solutions market size.

Research Outline

1.Research Period: October to December 2021
2.Research Object: ICT service vendors for long term care or for old people, long-term care service providers
3.Research Methogology: Face-to-face interviews (including online) by our expert researchers, mailed questionnaire to related facilities, and literature research

ICT Solutions for Long-Term Care and Long-Term-Care ICT Solutions Market

ICT solutions for long-term care are the ICT systems and solutions introduced to long-term care service facilities aiming to calculate the amount to claim for long-term care insurance, report generation for various documents including long-term care plans, streamlining of long-term care insurance claiming tasks including management of data created. Under the long-term care insurance system, insurance claims are in principle filed electronically (online or via electronic media), so each long-term care service office is required to have some sort of system in place.

The long-term-care ICT solutions market in this research refers to the market of ICT systems that streamline the office-work tasks needed for long-term care in the form of packaged or cloud (ASP) solutions provided by private-sector vendors.
Data transmission software provided by All-Japan Federation of National Health Insurance Organizations, and to substitute it, data transmission services provided by private vendors are not included.

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Long-term-care ICT solutions and systems

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