Female care and Femtech Market (Consumer Goods & Services) in Japan: Key Research Findings 2021

The Market Size of Female Care and Femtech (Consumer Goods & Services) in 2020 Grew to 59,708 Million Yen, 103.9% of Previous Year

Yano Research Institute (the President, Takashi Mizukoshi) carried out a survey on the domestic female care and femtech market (consumer goods and services) and found out the current status and trends of market players, and challenges and perspectives of the market.

Female Care and Femtech (Consumer Goods & Services) Market Size Transitions
Female Care and Femtech (Consumer Goods & Services) Market Size Transitions

Market Overview

Female care and femtech (coined word from female technologies) refer to the products and services that respond to the issues of women’s healthcare and lifestyles. The market of female care and femtech as well as the peripheral markets has been brisk primarily in European countries and the United States.

The domestic attention to the market is caused by the recent rapid awareness of SDGs that has been exposed to media not only for the environmental issues to be addressed, but also for its urging of gender equality and empowerment of all women and girls in various fields. Moreover, ever since the word “femtech” came to Japan from overseas, the department stores quickly created the sales floors on that theme, which became a distinctive category to be recognizable, leading to various items and services to be talked about and be provided since around 2019.

One of the specific items is period (absorbent) panty which has caused many startup companies to enter the market to deal in it from around 2019 to 2020. Because many of such companies has used crowdfunding and procured funds for the menstrual category, and because “period poverty” has become regarded as the social issue in the COVID-19 calamity, the menstrual (period) category is the most noticeable within the female care and femtech (consumer goods & services) market. In addition, existing companies seem to be highly interested in gender lens investing as well as female care and femtech, as promotion of female activities, which has been in the works for some time, has accelerated in the situation where labor shortage is more obvious than before.

This research targeted the following five categories to calculate the female care and femtech market size: Menstruation, sterility/pregnancy/postpartum care, menopause care, women's healthcare, and sexual wellness. The female care and femtech (consumer goods and services) market size in 2020 was 59,708 million yen, 103.9 percent of the previous year.

Noteworthy Topics

Period (Absorbent) Panty Market Attracting Both Startups and Existing Major Companies for Entry

As the report on menstruation was featured in the TV program, and as Daimaru Umeda department store opened a sales floor on femtech, the word femtech became a noteworthy topic, driving new menstrual items to be a focus of attention. From 2019 to 2020, new products of period (absorbent) panties, the most attention-attracting item in the femtech boom, were released one after another, driving the growth of the menstrual category.

Market entry by major companies such as G.U., UNIQLO, PEACH JOHN, and 3Coins in 2021 is likely to expand the period (absorbent) panties market furthermore. The market size of menstruation-related items and services in 2021 is expected to reach 11,740 million yen, 111.6 percent of the preceding year. Currently, the main customers of period panties and menstrual cups are women in their 30s to 40s. Whether the market can acquire the demand by female teens and those in 20s is the key for the future market expansion.

The femtech boom has led non-polymer sanitary napkins and cloth menstrual pads also to be paid attention, but not as impactful as period panties and menstrual cups which have novel materials, structures and concepts. As for period tracking apps, the users tend to use them for only menstruation tracking and tend to be within the free membership range, limiting the market size growth.

Future Outlook

In the domestic female care and femtech (consumer goods & services) market, companies developing business in the category of menstruation and sterility/pregnancy/postpartum care stand out, because the challenges in these categories have been featured in TV programs and because “period poverty” has become recognized a social issue.

By making menstruation and infertility treatment the starting point for open discussion of women’s worries and health problems, the issues of menopause care and sexual wellness that women are suffering from but have been considered as taboo can be more noticeable. For instance, pubic care items, online consultation services, and other items and services that focus on these categories have a sign to draw attentions.

In addition, diversification of women’s lifestyles has made it difficult for those women’s health-troubleshooting items and services to have only a sole view. Therefore, the concept of total women's healthcare that sees from a comprehensive point of view is likely to become more important.

Research Outline

1.Research Period: July to September 2021
2.Research Object: Femtech care item manufacturers and distributors, the femtech market players, etc.
3.Research Methogology: Face-to-face and online interviews by the specialized researchers, survey via telephone/email, questionnaire, and literature search.

The Female Care and Femtech Market

The female care and femtech market in this research refers to the market of the following five categories: 1) Menstruation related items/services, 2) Sterility/pregnancy/postpartum care items/services, 3) Menopause care items/services, 4) Women's healthcare-related items/services, and 5)Sexual wellness-related items/services.

The market size of each item is calculated based on the retail sales, while that of each apps and services is calculated based on the amount consumed by users. The market size of apps and services are the amount charged to individual users and do not include any usage fees charged to medical institutions or corporations nor any advertisement revenues.

<Products and Services in the Market>

Menstruation-related items/services: Period (absorbent) panty, menstrual cup, menstrual disc, non-polymer (cotton) sanitary napkin, cloth menstrual pad, period tracking app, etc., Sterility/pregnancy/postpartum care items/services: Supplement (folic acid, mineral, vitamin), pregnancy test kit/ ovulation test kit, pelvic support belt, postpartum shapewear girdle, postpartum shapewear, maternity clothing and dresses, maternity underwear, pregnancy-safe skincare items, online services for people in fertility care and for prenatal care, apps/SNS services for fertility care and prenatal care, endometrial flora check kit, Ovarian age test kit, etc. Menopause items/services: Herb medicines (gynecological), supplement (soybean isoflavone, equol), skincare for menopause, healthcare for vagina, healthcare apps for menopause, online services for menopause generations, mailed equol test kit, etc., Women's healthcare-related items/services: Herb medicines , supplement, underwear for women (sleep bra, thermal underwear, perioperative care items in gynecologic oncology surgery, etc.) pubic care items, health management and recording apps, online diagnosis/delivery service regarding herb medicine/supplement, online medical care and delivery services on pills, mailed test kit on gynecological cancers, mailed hormone test kit, etc. Sexual wellness-related items/services: Self-pleasure items, items for pelvic floor muscle exercises, online medical care, pill delivery service (emergency contraception, contraception-related), mailed test kit on venereal diseases, etc.

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