Medical Information Systems Market Size for FY2020 to Decline by 4.3% on YoY to 266,502 Million Yen

Yano Research Institute (the President, Takashi Mizukoshi) carried out a survey on the domestic medical information systems market and found out the market trends by segment, trend of market players and future perspectives.

Medical Information Systems Market Size Forecast
Medical Information Systems Market Size Forecast

Market Overview

Medical information systems (including EMR [Electronic Medical Record] and HER [Electronic Health Record]) refer to the system to streamline the tasks at medical institutions (hospitals and clinics) and to facilitate communications.

As digitization is indispensable for renovating medical care and with electronic medical records playing the central role of the market, medical information systems are expected to continue being significantly important not only in digitization of medical information in the Community Medical Partnership System and the Community-based Integrated Care System, but also at a single institution for achieving team medicine and clinical medicine.

Noteworthy Topics

Market Expected to Temporarily Shrink due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the market size of medical information systems were on the rise by around 1 to 2% on a YoY basis. It has, however, been harmfully affected by the pandemic, as can see from many sales opportunities being lost at system vendors, and from some delays occurred in examinations for and work processes of the system adoptions. These situations have not been solved throughout 2020, which is likely for the market size in FY2020 to decline by 4.3% on a YoY basis to 266,502 million yen.

When observing the market for FY2020 in detail, almost all the systems are projected to go below the previous fiscal year. However, EMR systems for general clinics in FY2020 are likely to maintain the stable growth on a YoY basis, but to decline in FY2021 on the same basis. It is because adoption of the systems is expected to occur mainly at newly established clinics, and decline in the number of newly-opened clinics due to the pandemic is likely to be obvious in FY2021 rather than in FY2020.

Future Outlook

Although the medical information system market for FY2020 is likely to decline by 4.3%, it is expected to upturn in FY2021 by 2.0%. Nevertheless, there are some vendors that concern over re-expansion of COVID-19 infections which may postpone the budget implementation at customers in FY2021 just like in FY2020, possible for the market size to stay flat or even end up decreasing.

Even if the market manages to rise after FY2021, the market size of medical information systems for FY2022 is forecasted to attain 277,734 million yen, unable to reach the size of FY2019, i.e. 278,436 million yen. The level before COVID-19 calamity is expected to be achieved after FY2023.

Research Outline

1.Research Period: September to December 2020
2.Research Object: Domestic medical information system vendors
3.Research Methogology: Face-to-face interviews by the expert researchers (online interviews included) and survey via telephone

What are Medical Information Systems?

Medical information systems (including EMR [Electronic Medical Record] and HER [Electronic Health Record]) refer to overall systems for streamlining the tasks at medical institutions (hospitals and clinics) and to facilitate communications within and beyond a single institution, and are comprised of core systems such as electronic medical records (including ordering systems,) medical accounting, etc., and of departmental systems such as radiology, clinical testing, etc. They are built differently according to the size and demand at institutions.
The market size is calculated based on the sales of packaged software, system integration (construction, configuration, etc.) and Cloud (ASP) at vendors.  

<Products and Services in the Market>

Electronic medical record, electronic medical records for each department (psychiatry, gynecology,) medical accounting, medical imaging system (PACS,) radiology information system (RIS,) clinical inspection system, physiological inspection system, surgical operation information management system, medicine dispensing system, nutritional management system, clinical information management system, the Community Medical Partnership System, rehabilitation support system

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