Children-Related Business in Japan: Key Research Findings 2020

Yano Research Institute (the President, Takashi Mizukoshi) carried out a survey on the domestic children-related business market, and found out the trends of major or newsworthy categories in the market, trend of market players and future outlook.

Market Overview

The domestic children-related business market (total of 38 categories) in FY2019 rose by 1.6% to reach 15,204.8 billion yen. When observing the market trend by category, the leisure segment including household console games and amusement parks/theme parks has grown stably. In addition, the segment of early-childhood care services which include preschools and early-childhood centers have shown favorable growth, partly because early-childhood education and care have become free of charge. On the other hand, however, the segment of education services and goods as a whole has been on the decline.

Noteworthy Topics

Children-Related Business Market (Total 38 Categories) in FY2019 Rose by 1.6%, Continuing Stable Growth

The segment of early-childhood care services for FY2019 grew by 6.4% on a YoY basis to reach 4,074.1 billion yen. The details were as follows: Early-childhood care centers and day-care centers for children have shown steady growth due to continuous injection of public funds mainly to assist the measures against the issue of children waiting for admission of early-childhood care centers. With the issue on the way to be solved, the growth rate has slowed down. Meanwhile, the demand for after-school care has been extended to nationwide, rather than limited to Kanto area. This has led after-school care service providers to newly begin their business in Kansai area to expand their business. The preschool market has also showed steady growth, as early-childhood education and care have started being free of charge.

Future Outlook

As schools as well as cram schools have had to temporarily close down due to COVID-19 pandemics, almost all the markets and categories are to be negatively affected in FY2020. Although the children-related market has grown as a result of various attempts and efforts by the businesses in the society facing declining number of children, the influence of the pandemics is so significant that many of the categories in the market are expected to scale down.

Research Outline

1.Research Period: April to July 2020
2.Research Object: Companies providing products and services for children
3.Research Methogology: Face-to-face interviews by the specialized researchers, surveys via telephone and email, and literature research

FY2019 Domestic Children-Related Business Market Size (Total 38 Categories)

The domestic children-related business market in this research refers to the market of the total 38 categories of products and services for domestic children. The ages of children are supposed to be from 0 to 15, though they differ by category.

<Products and Services in the Market>

1. Leisure for children (Toys, Household console games, Publications for children, Videos and DVDs for children, Bicycles for infants/children, Movies for children/families, Amusement parks/Theme parks, Game arcades/Game centers/facilities, Indoor play grounds,) 2. Education services and Goods (Cram schools, Private kindergartens, Special education for gifted children, English conversation classes for infants/children, Learning classes for children, Sports class and clubs for children, Correspondence schools for infants and students, Learning books/text books, Stationeries for children, Desks and chairs, School bags,) 3. Foods (Milk powder, Baby foods, Confectionery and sweets,) 4. Clothing and accessories (Babies and kids wear, School uniforms, Babies and kids shoes,) 5. Commodities and services for babies and kids (Diapers, Baby carriages/strollers, Baby Beds/futon, Child seats, Baby goods rental services, Photo studios especially for children, Mobile phones for children, Security goods and services for children,) 6. Early-childhood care (nursery-related) services (Early-childhood care centers/day-care centers for children, Baby-sitters, After-school care, and Pre-schools)

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