Indoor Location Based Solutions Market: Key Research Findings 2019

Yano Research Institute (the President, Takashi Mizukoshi) has conducted a survey on the domestic indoor location based solutions market, and found out the trends by demand field, the trends in market players, and the future perspectives. 


Market Size Transition and Forecast on Indoor Location-Based Solutions
Market Size Transition and Forecast on Indoor Location-Based Solutions

Market Overview

Although the market was merely reaching 2,000 million yen in FY2017, in FY2018, it rose by 41.6% from the preceding fiscal year to attain 2,860 million yen. Today, the indoor location based services/solutions are provided B2B for manufacturing, offices and hospitals; locating people and objects within factories, warehouses, offices and hospitals for the business objectives such as labor saving, automation, and safety improvements. The indoor location-based solutions market in FY2019 is projected to expand to 3,840 million yen, up 34.3% from the previous fiscal year. 
Nevertheless, while the market is still at the dawn with market players frequently entering and withdrawing, the vendors that remain to compete in the market is polarized into those increasing sales performance steadily and those in sluggish state for last couple of years. 


Noteworthy Topics

Market Player Trends

While the market is still at the dawn, the vendors are trying to develop services/solutions for various industries and business categories. Taking advantage of their own strength, the vendors are establishing the business in specific demand fields.  
Out of all applications, a central target is B2B, the business purposes particularly for manufacturing, offices, and hospitals. On the other hand, the venders are diminishing in the once-expected market, i.e., large commercial facilities, stations, airports, and public facilities such as municipal buildings. Target setting is extremely important for innovative solutions like the indoor location based solutions; by appealing well-defined return on investment to specific target, the solutions may gain gradual acceptance in the market.


Future Outlook

Driven by the continued employment of services at places such as manufacturing sites, warehouses, offices and hospitals, in FY2020, the indoor location based solutions market (based on sales at businesses) is estimated to reach 5,030 million yen with 31.0% growth year-on-year. On the assumption that the vendors continue to specialize in particular demand fields and it leads to the sound business development, the indoor location-based solutions market is expected to grow up to 12,000 million yen by FY2025. 


Research Outline

1.Research Period: October to December 2019
2.Research Object: Providers related to indoor location based services/solutions
3.Research Methogology: Face-to-face interviews by the expert researchers, survey by phone and email, and literature research.

Indoor Location-Based Solutions Market

The indoor location based solutions in this research refers to the positioning services/solutions provided indoor using “indoor positioning technology” and “indoor mapping information”. 
The indoor positioning technology is an engineering method to identify location of an object in closed premises where GPS and other satellite technologies may not be reliable, for instance, inside of buildings and underground shopping streets. The technology involves RFID, wireless LAN (Wi-Fi), BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy), UWB (Ultra-Wide Band), soundwave (inaudible sound), PDR (Pedestrian Dead Reckoning), or visible light communication, etc. The indoor mapping information denotes a digital mapping data for navigation apps provided at train stations, airports, and large commercial facilities, which links geolocation to the digital map of the facility.


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