Sharing Economy Services Market in Japan: Key Research Findings 2019

Yano Research Institute (the President, Takashi Mizukoshi) has conducted a survey on the sharing economy services market, and found out the trends by fields, the trends at market players, and future perspectives. 

Market Size Transition and Forecast on Sharing Economy Services
Market Size Transition and Forecast on Sharing Economy Services

Market Overview

The domestic sharing economy services market in FY2018 attained 101,287 million yen, 132.2% of the previous fiscal year (based on the sales at service providers). By the fields of services such as vehicles, space, and resources (goods/human resources/funds), vehicle sharing services has the largest market size. In detail, car share consists the most of sales in the vehicle sharing services.

Noteworthy Topics

Rise of Mobile Battery Sharing Service

As a new sharing economy service, ‘mobile battery sharing services’, the service that shares smartphone battery chargers, is worth noting. In particular, “ChargeSPOT” has been expanding its business. Since the service made its market entry announcement in April 2018 and launched the service in September of the same year, their battery charging stations have been installed mainly at commercial facilities, restaurants, convenient stores and public facilities. By May 2019, the stations are made available in all 47 prefectures. Although a unit charge is low, by meeting user demand, it may boost the sales of entire goods-sharing economy services field hereafter.

Future Outlook

The sharing economy services market in Japan is projected to grow at CAGR of 14.1% between FY2017-FY2023, reaching 169,140 million yen by FY2023 (based on the sales at businesses). Convenience of the car share service, the sharing economy services on vehicles, is improving as the care share business operators have been expanding the number of stations by partnering with other businesses like parking lot services. Under such circumstances, further increase in the number of members for the service is awaited, and the car share field is projected to expand hereafter. 
In the private lodging services (“minpaku”), the sharing economy service on space, the market shrunk temporarily as the “Private Lodging Law” took effect as of June 2018, which urged the lodging service brokers to delete unregistered lodges from their websites. Nevertheless, since the number of lodges on the internet is making an upturn, and the number of inbound tourists visiting Japan, the frequent users of the private lodging service, is on the rise in the long term, the private lodging services is expected to grow. 
Regarding the field of sharing economy service on goods such as fashion-sharing, it is also forecasted to expand, as the existing fashion-sharing service providers are acquiring new users steadily, and major brands of domestic female apparel companies made their entrance to the market.
Crowdsourcing, the sharing economy services on human resources, foresees expansion, as shortage of manpower at each industry led some companies to utilize the service to secure necessary personnel for some specific tasks/operations.
Moreover, solid growth is anticipated for the skill share, as the number of business persons providing their skills (knowledge, technique, etc) are increasing, boosted by the movement of companies, especially the large companies, permitting outside employments.

Research Outline

1.Research Period: August to October 2019
2.Research Object: Sharing economy service providers etc.
3.Research Methogology: Face-to-face interview by the expert researchers, interviews by telephone and email, and literature research.

Sharing Economy Services Market in Japan

In this survey, the sharing economy services refers to a type of services used by unspecified number of people via internet, to share the use of vehicles, space, and resources (goods/human resources/funds). However, copyrighted materials such as music and videos are excluded.
Market size of the sharing economy services market in this survey is calculated based on the sales at service providers, including matching charges, sales commissions, monthly membership fees, and other service revenues. 


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Car share, ride share, bike share, private lodging services (“minpaku”), parking lot share, fashion-sharing, crowdsourcing, skill share, crowdfunding, social lending

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