PCO/TCO/Fumigation Service Market in Japan: Key Research Findings 2019

Multiple incidents of ‘foreign substance (such as bugs) found in food’ have led the food manufacturers to take all practicable improvement measures to prevent food contamination, driving the business growth of PCO providers.

Yano Research Institute (the President, Takashi Mizukoshi) has conducted a survey on PCO/TCO/Fumigation Service Market in Japan, and found out the market size, the market trend, and the future perspectives.

Market Size Transition of PCO/TCO/Fumigation Market (FY2014 – FY2018Forecast)
Market Size Transition of PCO/TCO/Fumigation Market (FY2014 – FY2018Forecast)

Market Overview

Market size of Pest Control Operator (PCO), Termites Control Operator (TCO) and fumigation service in Japan for FY2018 is projected to reach 132,580 million yen, at 1.8% rise from the previous fiscal year based on the sales of businesses. After years of stagnation due to drop in unit price per sales order received and tough price competition among the providers, the market is making a marginal growth.

In PCO market, because of the frequent occurrence of contamination of food with foreign objects such as bugs, the food manufacturers are taking all practicable measures (from both tangible and intangible aspects) to prevent such incidents. Meanwhile, in TCO market, the demand for fumigation treatments for export wood materials has been stable since FY2015, affected by growing awareness towards building preservation by increasing durability and applying disaster prevention, etc. As a result, the market overall is slightly increasing.

Noteworthy Topics

Sanitation Control based on HACCP became Mandatory

In June 2018, the Food Sanitation Law was amended for the first time in 15 years.  Under the revised act, every food business operator in principle is required to develop the “sanitation control plan based on HACCP" as a precaution measure to food hygiene hazards particularly in the critical production process. However, certain category of food business operators like restaurants are allowed to adopt “sanitation control that introduce the concept of HACCP” in accordance with the nature of food handled.

Institutionalization of the sanitation control in compliance with HACCP come into effect within two years from the day of promulgation; however, another year has been set as a transition phase, allowing the market players to take as long as three years for full-scale implementation. As more food business operators become subject to either the "sanitation control plan based on HACCP” or the “sanitation control introducing the concept of HACCP”, more business opportunities are expected in the years to come for the PCO business providers focusing on a comprehensive environmental sanitary control business for facilities including food related factories.

Future Outlook

In recent years, the demand for PCO market is on the rise, as the frequent occurrence of foreign substance such as bugs included in food led the food manufacturers to take preventive measures to improve such incidents, and to carry out the thorough extermination of pests at their facilities.  However, the market is forecasted to shrink after 2020, as the trend in demand is uncertain after Tokyo Olympic/Paralympic Games.

TCO market bottomed out with less than 1% growth from the previous fiscal year, because of the steady demand for underfloor work for eliminating termites, etc., and of growing interest for higher durability and disaster prevention of the houses. Still, with a drop in the total number of termite damage cases and with the increase of buildings adopting construction methods of raft or strip footing foundations that do not need protective work against termites, the market trend is forecasted to diminish.

The fumigation service, on the other hand, is expected to expand slightly, as demands to employ fumigation on export wood materials is rising despite the declining trend in the last few years due to the annual deregulation that expanded the range of pest types that does not require fumigation treatments.

Research Outline

1.Research Period: December 2018 to March 2019
2.Research Object: PCO/TCO/Fumigation service providers, chemical agents and equipment providers, food retailers, food service providers, food manufacturers, hotels/accommodation facilities
3.Research Methogology: Face-to-face interview by the expert researchers, survey via telephone, survey by mailed questionnaire, and literature research.

PCO/TCO/Fumigation Service Market in Japan

PCO (Pest Control Operator) service in this research refers to the prevention, disinfestation, and extermination of pests in public hygiene such as cockroaches, rats, flies, mosquitoes, and ticks. TCO (Termite Control Operator) service refers to the prevention, disinfestation, and extermination of termites. Fumigation service refers to the treatments under the Plant Protection Act to expose to gaseous pesticides on imported farm produce, domestic farm produce for export, cultural properties, grain warehouse, and food warehouse. The market size is calculated based on the sales of businesses.

TCO services, however, does not include items such as the underfloor ventilation fans, dehumidifying materials, and anti-earthquake construction, etc.

<Products and Services in the Market>

PCO/TCO/ Fumigation services (operations) market, chemical agents market, and related equipment market including sprayers and safety equipment such as protection suits.

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